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O que é prospecção e como aplicar de forma efetiva na sua empresa – Play2Sell

What is prospecting and how can you effectively apply it in your company?

What is prospecting?

If you work in the commercial area, you probably already know what customer prospecting is. But do you really know how important this effort is?

Prospecting customers is a job that requires a lot of attention and dedication, but it's worth it if it's well done, since it greatly increases the chances of making better sales.

But before developing this activity, it's important to understand it. So, let's help you take the first steps towards good prospecting.

What is prospecting?

For starters, let's understand what customer prospecting is. This activity consists of making contacts – usually phone calls – with potential customers, those who've shown more interest in your products and are very likely to make a purchase.

In order to reach this stage, the potential consumer must have already received significant information on company products, and they must be considered as ready to close the sale. In marketing terms, this is the customer who is at the end of the sales funnel, who has already left their contacts in order to know more about what you sell.

Prospecção de clientes

At this point, it's important to point out that only customers who are really interested in the product should be contacted. For now, forget about the leads that came to your company via eBook downloads,for example. The focus here is on hot leads, those who already know enough to make a purchase.

How can my prospecting be effective?

Let's go through a few tips on how to conduct a quality customer prospecting process. Remember: at this stage, quality is much more important than quantity, so focus on getting contacts who have real chances of making a purchase.

Check out our guidelines below:

1 – Define what a potential customer is

The first step is to define your target audience and your persona (the idealized company customer). This is essential for you to know who your potential customers are and how to best approach them.

2 - Offer what the customer is looking for

It may seem obvious, but it happens a lot: the consumer keeps receiving information on products they don't want. This must be avoided, as it can delay the entire prospecting effort and even make the client lose interest, damaging the negotiation.

Prospecção de vendas

Therefore, try to know your customers' profile and needs in order to be assertive when prospecting, and this will increase your chances of closing a sale.

3 – Invest in tools and technology

Offer the tools your team needs to perform quality prospecting work. Technology is here to help you, so take advantage and make use of it.

Using a CRM, for example, is indispensable and even mandatory in a company in order to organize contacts and have each one's history. And there are other indispensable tools, such as WhatsApp, videoconference calls, social networks, among others.

4 – Make sure your team is well prepared

One of the worst things for any realtor is being taken by surprise by the customer. Insecurity is a huge enemy when it comes to selling. Therefore, invest in training your salesforce.


A good option for those looking for intense dynamics and interactions among participants is gamification, which is one of the current training trends, as it combines learning with fun.

5 – Establish a good relationship with the customer

It's always good to have a friendly and trusting relationship with the customer. After all, he needs to feel secure when closing a deal.


So, you must maintain a good relationship with your customers and offer them personalized service. Advise your salesforce to be helpful and courteous when talking to customers. This increases the chances of completing a good sale.

These were a few guidelines for you to effectively prospect customers. Now that you know and understand what prospecting is, start applying them!

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