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O que é follow up de venda? Um bom acompanhamento pode garantir seu sucesso – Play2Sell

What is sales follow-up? Good follow-up can guarantee your success

Follow up de vendas

The follow up is perhaps the most important step when closing a deal. It's an opportunity to develop and establish a closer relationship with potential customers, which increases the chances of having a positive result.

However, in a good follow up process, it's not enough to simply call and send messages to potential consumers. It must be a well-planned process, and you must be careful with good practices and use the adequate tools.

So, how is your sales follow up process doing? We're going to talk about it now!

What is sales follow-up?

For starters, let's explain what this term means: to follow up means to keep track of something. In sales, it applies to actions that allow you to keep track of a potential customer.


The purpose of this follow-up, which can be done by phone or WhatsApp, is to make progress on the negotiations and advance the sales process until the salesperson and the consumer close the deal.

Follow up de vendas

If you want to make the sale, you need to establish a trusting relationship with the customer. The consumer needs to feel secure to decide to make the purchase, and this is where your sales follow up becomes extremely important.

It's during this process that the seller and the company demonstrate the quality of the product or service and guarantee that the customer will be satisfied with their choice.

In order to achieve this, it's essential that your sales follow up process is well planned and structured, so that all professionals are aligned with the type of communication the company wants to have with consumers.

How can you make good sales follow-ups?

Now that you understand what this is about, let's talk about how to develop an effective sales follow up that brings good results for your company.

First of all, you must understand that follow up are about establishing relationships. For this, it's essential that the salesforce is well prepared to develop them in the best possible way. Sales training may help your professionals master this task.

Let's take a look at the steps you can follow in order to make good sales follow up de vendas:

1 - Plan your contacts

Before starting your sales follow up , plan it well. It's important to have an aligned speech so that the entire salesforce knows what to say, while also being able to get around adverse situations and demonstrate flexibility, when necessary.

What is sales follow-up?

When approaching the customer, the sales professional must know their profile, needs and preferences. Therefore, make sure the team is prepared before moving on to this stage.

2 - Keep updated contacts

It's essential to have an up-to-date customer history in order to know the current stage of each negotiation, their related objections and concerns, and how the customer has been reacting to the contacts that were made.

At the end of each call, update the customer's history and enter relevant information to be used in future contacts. It's an excellent way to prepare for the next steps.

3 - Be patient and respectful

The follow up are a great way to close deals, but to get there, it's necessary to go through an entire process. So, be patient and respect each customer's pace in making their decisions.

At this time, it's important to gain the consumer's trust, so that they feel secure to make the purchase. Therefore, try to be polite and helpful, show your concern towards finding solutions that meet their needs and be cordial.

And if the customer no longer wants to be contacted by the company, immediately remove their phone number from your follow uplist. Make sure this is recorded in their history and respect their decision, avoiding any damages to the company's image.

Now, you can start planning your sales follow up . Make sure to cover all your bases when starting this project, and prepare your sales team. Happy selling!

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