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Conheça gatilhos emocionais para vender mais – Play2Sell

Learn about the emotional triggers that help increase sales

Gatilhos emocionais

Is convincing a person to consume your products not a simple task? Well, here's a strategy to persuade your customers: emotional triggers. Have you ever heard of them?

They're a very useful tactic that helps shorten consumer decision making. By dealing directly with people's emotions, your chances of convincing them are greater.

In this article, we'll talk about a few emotional triggers you can use to get more sales. But remember: this strategy must be used ethically and responsibly, ok?

Emotional triggers help decisions

Before introducing examples of emotional triggers, let's explain how they work towards helping clients in their decision making.

We make dozens of decisions on a daily basis. From the clothes we'll use for the day, to what we'll eat for lunch and even what we'll watch on TV before bed. It's a lot of decisions, and almost all of them are very quick, almost instant.

Gatilhos emocionais

Y ahí es cuando entran en juego los desencadenantes emocionales: al acceder las emociones de cada individuo, la posibilidad de que decida comprar su producto aumenta considerablemente. 

Los desencadenantes emocionales son un estímulo para que el cerebro responda positivamente a lo que ofreces. Sería como un atajo para tomar decisiones aún más rápidas.

Examples of emotional triggers

That said, now let's introduce a few examples of emotional triggers. The goal is not to induce your potential customers to buy something they don't need, but to help them make their decision quickly and assertively.

Here's our list:

1 - Scarcity

This is one of the most commonly used emotional triggers. "Special discount only for the first 5 customers", "only 1 product left in stock" or "limited spots" convey the feeling that you need to take action before it's too late.

And that's what this trigger provides. When indicating the scarcity of a product, the customer feels that he may lose it, which facilitates their decision to buy it.

2 - Social proof

Testimonials from satisfied customers, customer satisfaction surveys, number of products sold… When seeing that a large number of people is happy to be served by the company, the customer becomes more confident in consuming its products.

Gatilhos emocionais

The social proof trigger causes a feeling that if people are buying, then it's worth buying too. One tip: try partnerships with famous people or social media influencers to promote your products.

para divulgar seus produtos.

3 - Novelties

A new release or update of a particular product or service gets a lot of attention. People are often driven by curiosity, and this emotional trigger usually works very well.

You must provide your customers meaningful and relevant novelties that make sense to them.

4 - Pain x Pleasure

Focusing on your client's pain, that is, on what bothers them and gets in the way of their daily lives, and then immediately presenting a solution that will change their lives is a very powerful emotional trigger.

By presenting your product as the solution to the consumer's problems, they'll realize that they really need it, and will be pleased to buy it and see it really makes a difference in their lives.

5 - Authority on the subject

In order to use this emotional trigger, you or a representative of your company must be a true expert on the area in which your company operates. Not only that, but the person must be seen as such, in a way that everyone understands that they really dominate the subject.

Gatilhos emocionais

One way to do this is creating articles and ebooks, recording videos, and even attending lectures and webinars. This way, you'll be seen as a real authority and your company will gain more prominence.

These are just a few of the emotional triggers you can use. There are many more, but with these examples you can already start developing new approaches to attract more customers.

Do you know other emotional triggers? Leave your comment and tell us about them! Take this opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter.

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