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4 dicas para você melhorar o atendimento ao cliente – Play2Sell

4 tips for you to improve your customer service

Atendimento ao cliente

How do you serve your customers? Are they satisfied? Check out guidelines on how you can offer more efficient and better customer service!

I believe you already know this but it is always good to make sure: having a quality product is not enough for your company to achieve success. Among the other factors that will always deserve your attention, one of them is especially important: customer service.


A consumer with his needs met, before, during and after the sale, is more likely to go back and buy new products. This loyalty can be decisive for your business.

Como melhorar o atendimento ao cliente

Related to this topic, a survey showed that the pandemic exposed problems precisely regarding customer service because consumers started to use virtual channels. Hence, it is important to adapt and better prepare your team.

To help you improve customer service and win over your customers, we offer you 4 tips. check it out:

4 tips to improve customer service

1 - Prepare your team

Having a well-prepared sales team is essential to serve customers well. Salespeople must know how to approach each customer and have the skills to close the deal.

Treinamentos para atendimento ao cliente

Search for training for your employees, preferably those who keep everyone's attention. Beware of boring skills, as they can cause more sleep than help professionals.

The tip is to bet on

for sales training, as they are more dynamic and fun, which helps to retain the information received.

2 - Keep your team well informed

Imagine that a customer walks into your office and, when talking to one of the salespeople, he demonstrates to know more about your products then your guy. This can cause the impatient consumer to close a deal with a competitor. It can be embarrassing and terrible for your company.

Atendimento ao cliente com rapidez

Nowadays the consumer is more demanding and almost always very well informed about what he is looking for. To avoid this type of problem, try to keep your employees well informed about the products and services that the company offers.

As in the previous tip, training can solve this issue.. Show the quality of products in practice and insist on the difference they make in customers' lives. Let everyone know in depth not only what they sell, but also about the company itself, such as its mission, vision and values, for example.

3 - Be straight to the point

Remember that expression "time is money"? Well, nowadays nobody likes to waste time, since everyone has commitments and many have no patience. So, avoid unnecessary questions, streamline your service and show that your company is fast.

Atendimento ao cliente eficaz

Do you know those forms full of useless questions? Well, avoid these questionnaires or risk losing new consumers.

With that, customers will feel more satisfied, not only when it comes to knowing more about products but also when they need to solve a problem.

4 - Use technology as an ally

We are privileged to live in an era in which technology is very advanced and helps a lot in our daily lives. Therefore, use new tools available in your market.

Ferramentas para atendimento ao cliente

Whatsappis a great example. It emerged as a channel to chat with friends and family, but which today is a powerful customer service tool. Many consumers prefer to speak to salespeople over WhatsApp than to receive a call.

Technology not only helps in customer service but also in management, workflow, cash flow, among others. These some of the areas in which modern tools can facilitate the work of entrepreneurs.

Take advantage of these 4 tips, but don't settle for just that: look for new trends and new ways to offer an even more special attention to your consumers. And don't forget, a good customer service is and will always be critical to your company.

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