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Dicas de como anunciar um imóvel corretamente – Blog Play2Sell

Tips on how to correctly advertise real estate

Anunciar um imóvel

Learning new practices on how to advertise real estate can enable new negotiations and increase the number of successful deals. Photos, descriptions and property information are the details that draw the customer to your ad.

Therefore, it's important that they're attractive, highlighting all the positive aspects of and around the property. In this post, we've prepared a few tips for you to correctly advertise real estate.

Provide the full address

When the client is looking for a property, he searches for all possible information, from interior images to neighborhood details, and incomplete descriptions without basic information on the advertised property go unnoticed or aren't attractive to buyers.

Our first tip for you to understand how to properly advertise real estate is to provide the address, zip code and any remaining information on the location of the property.

Complete and objective description

Your ad needs to highlight the characteristics of the property, but you need to be very careful not to exaggerate because customers often lose interest in long descriptions.

Our advice is that you provide a thorough ad while being objective and clear while conveying the information. You must also pay attention in order to avoid being redundant in your publication, since this shows you don't have much to say about the property and you end up repeating the characteristics.

Use keywords

It's essential that you use keywords in real estate portals. This practice brings your ad more visibility. Given that most people use online searches, using keywords greatly increases the chances of your ad appearing on the first page.

That's exactly why realtors who pay attention to this are able to leverage their sales faster.

Choose the best images

Pictures are among the key details for which you need to set time and dedication aside in order to efficiently advertise a property. Depending on image quality and photo angles, your ad will be either valued or poorly regarded. After all, these images represent the buyer's first visual contact with the property.

Also, don't forget that the location needs to be clean, with good lighting (but nothing exaggerated in order not to affect image quality) and nice decoration, enhancing the spatial characteristics.

Invest in real estate portals

Real estate portals have the ideal structure for your ads, so they're essential for your daily business. Imovelweb, in addition to helping you with these tips, has exclusive tools to further improve your ads.

Did you like these tips? How about advertising on one of the largest portals in Latin America? Click here. Click here.

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