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Motivated team: check out 4 benefits

What are the benefits of having a motivated team?

A motivated team

Until recent years, companies thought paying employees a salary was enough to for them to do a good job. However, nowadays, having a motivated team is perceived as essential for professionals to bring more results.

After all, a demotivated team can result in company losses and get in the way of objectives. Therefore, having a motivated team must be one of the goals for those in people management.

In pandemic times, this type of work is even more challenging since most employees work from home,rande parte dos trabalhadores está em home office and it's harder to motivate the team from a distance.

How can I have a motivated team?

There are several ways to motivate a team.One is professional recognition, since every employee likes to be congratulated and to feel important within the company.

Another form of motivation is offering a good working environment, with suitable tools for day-to-day activities and a pleasant organizational setting. Some companies also invest in training their employees,which can also help their motivation.

Awards are also used as a way to motivate and engage company employees. Those who stand out the most or reach a certain goal are awarded with a gift or a sum of money.

Gamified sales training is a good way to combine learning and fun, with the possibility of giving out prizes for the winners or for ranking leaders.

Given the current COVID-19, communicating with employees via instant text messages and video conferences is essential to keep them motivated and able to work. Each professional has a different profile, and, in some cases, it can be difficult to work from home.

What are the benefits of having a motivated team?

Although it's not always a simple task, motivating the team is a worthwhile effort for the company and for the employees themselves. Having an engaged team focused on objectives can bringing great results.

Check out some of the benefits of having a motivated team:

Increased productivity

An unmotivated professional clearly produces less. Even if they have a good salary and benefits, some factors can be discouraging.

Making employees motivated should be seen as an investment, as they will produce more, develop quality work and bring better results.

Reduction turnover

The turnover is an index that calculates the ratio between the dismissal and the admission of new employees. The higher this rate, the greater the number of professionals who leave, which represents costs in both money and time.

When investing in team motivation, this index tends to fall, reflecting the fact that employees like the work environment and wish to remain in the company.

Better organizational setting

Working in a company with stressed and unmotivated people is disheartening, isn't it? On the other hand, having a happy and willing team brings a good feeling and encourages you to develop quality work.

In a good organizational setting, everyone tends to work with more excitement and joy, which reflects in the results the corporation strives for.

Good company image in the market

An employee who is happy with the company where they work usually speaks well of it, which helps building a positive market image for the brand.

Thus, this is another reason to engage professionals, as they will defend the company and praise its name outside the work environment.

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