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Quais as qualidades para se tornar um corretor de imóveis de sucesso? – Play2Sell

Which qualities does one need to become a successful realtor?

corretor de imóveis de sucesso

Being a successful realtor depends on several factors. Working in this field is a great challenge, since the profession is not only about selling real estate:it's about making dreams come true.

Therefore, working in this field requires essential efforts from anyone who wants to become a successful realtor.

We've set apart a few tips for you to become a successful professional, check them below.

How can you be a successful realtor?

1 - Stay up to date

A successful realtor is always up to date with new trends, strategies and sales techniques. For this, it is important to search for courses and training to be constantly prepared for market challenges.

corretor de imóveis de sucesso

In addition, you must know what's happening in real estate so that you're seen as a true authority on the subject, gaining the respect of your interlocutors.

With this, you'll feel more secure when dealing with your customers, who in turn will be more confident in closing a deal with you.

2 - Develop new skills

Obtaining new knowledge never hurts. It is always good to look for knowledge that will add to your career, so seek to develop new skills.

For example, you can delve into negotiation and persuasion techniques, skills that every successful realtor possesses and masters. Thus, you'll know how to respond to an objection or a tougher customer.

Outra habilidade importante para você desenvolver é a comunicação. Saber como falar com seus clientes, inclusive como utilizar sua linguagem corporal, pode fazer toda a diferença na hora de concluir um negócio.

3 - Get to know customer profiles

Not every customer is the same. You have certainly noticed this during your professional career. Therefore, try to understand the profile of your consumers, making it easier to convince them to purchase your products.

corretor de imóveis de sucesso

Listen carefully to what they have to say and understand their needs, expectations and motivations. Ask questions, try to know more about them and remember this information.

4 - Be very patient and well-disposed

Dealing with consumers is not always an easy task. You might meet a few difficult people, either due to their demand level or indecision. Regardless, be patient and demonstrate that you are willing to serve the customer in the best possible way.

This will make the negotiation easier and make the customer more secure, and their feeling comfortable can be a differential towards closing the sale.

5 - Invest in your networking

Investing in a good network of contacts will make you more visible and increase your chances of being remembered and recommended to new customers. Therefore, invest in your networking and make it effective for you.

With the advances of the Digital world, this job just got simpler. Just create a LinkedIn account and start increasing your professional connections from there. Update your resume, enter relevant information that shows you are a successful realtor, and search for people you can add to your network.

Given the world's digital developments, this work has become simpler. You can simply create a LinkedIn account and start growing your professional connections there. Update your resume, insert relevant information that shows you are a successful realtor and look for people who can contribute to your network.

Another way to improve your networking is to participate in events such as fairs, congresses, lectures, among others. Always have your business card on hand - and if you don't, arrange it - and don't be shy about approaching other people. Who knows if a good deal will come from this small effort?

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