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Social selling: conheça o método que vai te ajudar a vender mais – Play2Sell

Social selling: learn about the method that will help you sell more

Social selling

Gone are the days when social media was just for entertainment and distraction. Nowadays, these platforms are important sales tools.No wonder there's a new expression increasingly gaining ground:


In short, social selling

is using social networks in order to increase the company's interactions with its customers and, thus, improve business efficacy.

The objective of this strategy is to build strong and lasting relationships with potential consumers. Of course, making sales is the main goal, but in this case, it just turns out to be a consequence.

In this article, we will explain how social selling works and how you can apply it for better results.

How does social selling work?

Social networks were created so that people can interact with each other, share more about their daily lives and have contact with people who are physically distant. 

But the time is gone when these platforms were just for that: now, users also use social networks to follow the brands they admire, learn about new products and services, and even to generates new business..

And that's how social selling emerged: a way of prospecting customers and establishing a relationship with them through social networks, with the main objective of generating sales in the near future.

Unlike social marketing, social selling proposes a closer contact between sellers and prospects, it's a personal approach.


The salesforce looks for consumers who match the company's customer profile – closest matches with the persona – and approach them to earn their trust.

In order to do this, the process mainly consists of: liking posts, interacting in groups, and offering quality content to build your long-term reputation.

It's important to highlight that this strategy requires a lot of patience. There's no rush to sell the products, the focus is on retaining the potential customer's attention, establishing a relationship and gaining credibility. And that's how social selling helps generating more sales.


The benefits of social selling

O que é social selling

When the sales professional knows how to approach potential customers on social networks, they're able to build relationships and, thus, boost sales and bring the company great results.

Check out more social selling benefits:


Close relationship with the customer

Working via social networks makes relationships with customers closer and more intimate, in many cases, formalities are even left aside, which can be even more attractive.

This way, it's possible to establish trusting relationships with potential consumers and the company becomes a good reference for them.

New opportunities

Well-structured and well-executed social selling can make the company known to new audiences and even attract consumers who didn't even know about it before.

When approaching potential customers, the salesforce can answer questions or clarify them in the very content they generate, which brings the company more trust and authority.

Customer retention

Social selling

When a relationship of trust is established, there's a tendency for customers stay with the company for longer periods, since they see it as a reference and know how useful their products or services are.

In a world where catching people's attention is increasingly difficult, social selling comes in very handy.

And that's precisely the function of social selling: to be a more modern way of attracting attention and bringing the company more customers. But of course, it only works with good planning and quality content.

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