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O que é e como se tornar um vendedor key account – Play2Sell

What is a key account seller and how to become one

The key account are gaining more prominence in the job market. These professionals are currently seen as crucial for companies seeking customer retention.

Although corporations weren't concerned with retaining customers in the past, this is considered an essential effort today. Thus, key account sellers gained momentum and became very sought-out professionals.

Do you want to know what this job is and how to become a professional? Check out our article!

What is a key account seller?

The key account is the professional responsible for key account management. In other words, the most important company customers.

These key accounts represent a set of essential customers for the company, those everyone wants to keep doing business with.

By taking this position, the key account seller becomes more than a salesperson, as they need to establish a good relationship with these customers in order to exceed their expectations and enable good experiences.

The idea is to pay special attention to these customers, satisfying and surprising them in a positive way, so that they feel valued and consider it an advantage to keep their business with the company.

And this is where key account sellers emerge as a fundamental piece of this process: they're the bridge between the company and the customer, responsible for building a bond between them, generating good results.

In addition to key accountsretention, these efforts also enable you to attract new customers who are interested in personalized and differentiated service.

This is why the demand for key account sellers is so large in the current job market.

How can you become a key account seller?

Professionals of this level are highly relevant within the company, but the position is also very challenging, since it brings very high responsibilities. After all, no company wants to lose key customers, right?

Therefore, we gathered a few characteristics every key account seller must have in order to succeed at their job. Check it out!

O que faz um vendedor key account?

They're analytical

This professional must analyze and understand situations in order to anticipate any problems that may arise. Besides, it's good to think of new possibilities to satisfy customers


They're persuasive

Being able to influence people is a fundamental characteristic of a key account seller. Convincing clients to stick around is hard work and sometimes requires a lot of skill.

key account

They communicate well

Shy professionals would rarely do well in this field. Maintaining interpersonal relationships is essential in order to be successful here.

They're flexible

In many cases, they need to be resilient and know how to deal with adverse situations. For this, it's important to have prior training so they know how to react to possible challenges.

They're good negotiators

If a customer decides to leave, the key account seller is able to intervene and negotiate their stay in a way that's good for everyone, including the company.

What is a key account seller?

They're good listeners

Every customer likes to be heard and, more than that, to feel that the company really wants to help them. Being able to evoke this feeling is one of the duties of this professional.

They inspire credibility

The key account seller must be seen as an authority on the topics with which they work. This elicits confidence and security.

They're creative

Innovation is the keyword for this position. Therefore, it's important to pay attention to details and new trends emerging in the market.

They're efficient problem-solvers

Is the customer dissatisfied? It's key account seller's duty to solve this in the best way and as quickly as possible.

You can understand why this professional is considered so important nowadays, can't you? This is perhaps the most efficient way to keep large customers in the company's portfolio. Now it's up to you: do you consider it a good investment? If so, start your key account!

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