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O que a sua empresa ganha com um treinamento de vendas gamificado? – Play2Sell

What does your company gets from gamified sales trainings?

Treinamento de vendas gamificado

Increasingly popular these days, gamified sales training is a very interesting format for those looking to qualify their team in a more assertive way. It combines learning with fun and, according to studies, makes participants more motivated.

Treinamento de vendas gamificado

Companies that invest in this training also have a lot to gain. Here, we mention some of the benefits:

Better prepared salespeople

Nowadays it is essential that your sales team dominates everything about your company and products and services it offers. After all, consumers are increasingly well informed and demanding, which can become a problem if they encounter an unprepared salesperson.

Your sales conversion rate increases dramatically if your sales team is well prepared to serve customers.

With gamified sales training your company can offer a innovative training, unlike usual training, which is often tedious and tiring. Gamification is a more fun way to train and prepare your employees.

A motivated team

Through gamified sales training your company can promote healthy competition among employees offering the winner prizes. It is a way to make training more dynamic and fun.

Gamification brings the possibility of having real time ranking and showing the winners of each competition. This generates more encouragement and motivation for employees.

A well-served customer

Making a good impression on the customer is essential to converting a sale, right? Gamified sales training can offer this, since participants will know how to approach different consumer profiles and details about products and services. They will also be able to offer personalized services.

More engaged employees

Having an engaged team brings great benefits to the company such as: increase in productivity - when employees more dedicated to achieving their goals - and loyal customers.

Gamified sales training can help in increase this engagement. Because it is a dynamic activity, there are stimuli for competitive practices through scores, trophies, among other features.

In addition, individual or collective incentives can be developed for those who achieve a goal in the game.

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