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Quais as principais tendências na gestão de equipe de vendas? – Play2Sell

What are the main trends in sales team management?

Check out the main trends in sales team management and understand how this can be decisive for your company's success!

You certainly know that managing a team is not easy and even more so when there are goals to be achieved by the commercial area. But there are ways to make it easier to manage and motivate your employees even more. existem formas de facilitar a sua gestão e motivar cada vez mais os seus colaboradores.

Gestão de equipe de vendas

The bright side is that, to implement these trends, you don't need to make major changes to your company's processes. Just adjust your vision and add new routines, which can generate better results and create a more dynamic sales team.

Want to know the latest trends in sales team’s management?

The Play2sell has separated some for you. Check it out:


gestão de equipe de vendas e autogestão

Freedom at work can bring several benefits to your team. After all, it is not always necessary to have a boss monitoring each employee's step. In addition, this type of sales team management encourages employees' creativity and will certainly give them more confidence. estimula a criatividade dos funcionários e certamente dará mais confiança a eles.

Marketing x sales integration

Gestão de equipe de vendas e marketing

Marketing and sales are sectors that complement each other and, more than that, depend on each other. nothing better than integrate the works to define the best strategies, better understand customers and know how to conquer the market.

Incentive policies

gestão de equipe de vendas e política de incentivo

There are several ways to motivate workers and one of them is to add incentive policies, that is, rewards for those who have good results. In addition to encouraging your team, consequently, employees will be more motivated to contribute to the company's success. estarão mais motivados em alcançar o sucesso da empresa.

Investment in technology

gestão de equipe de vendas e tecnologia

Nowadays, investing in technology is essential for those who want to modernize their company and to engage the team even more..

Through websites and applications, employees can follow up on actions, monitor reports, check sales volumes and even participate in training related to company's products.

Also regarding trends and technology, training with games is an interesting way to prepare sales teams. Find out more about the topic in one of our articles.

Did you like our tips? So comment, give your opinion on these and other trends in the management of sales teams and check out our articles!

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