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Weak real estate sales: empower yourself and get back on top

Weak real estate sales: empower yourself and get back on top

Real estate market

Crisis, unemployment and financial instability continue to affect various sectors of the Brazilian economy and the real estate market no es diferente. Aunque el sector ya está mostrando signos de recuperación, muchos clientes potenciales aún no se sienten seguros de invertir mucho. Y en el segmento inmobiliario, las altas tasas de interés y la baja oferta crediticia son otros factores que dificultan el crecimiento.

In this scenario, it is important that real estate developers, construction companies, real estate agents and brokers rethink strategies and increase productivity to sell more. To achieve better results, the best alternative is to invest in professional training.

In times of crisis, being prepared is a must for attracting new customers and retaining leads. Therefore, real estate agents, need to hustle to increase their knowledge, not only in relation to real estate, but also in topics such as sales techniques, negotiation, customer service, prospecting, real estate financing and much more.

Showing that you are qualified and that you are not only interested in selling but also in helping clients with real solutions, earn you credibility and create a trusting relationship with prospects.

How to train salespeople to face the challenges of the real estate market?

Nowadays, beyond traditional courses and training, there are several websites and digital tools such as mobile applications that are available for brokers to get training. These alternatives can be used anywhere, anytime and have already proven to be very efficient. Play2sellapp is one example. This app is a game that uses cards and quizzes focused on training real estate agents.

News websites and newspapers specialized in the real estate market are also important for brokers to always keep up to date and avoid the risk of having a client who is more informed about the sector than he is.

In addition, knowing digital marketing strategies can help a lot when it comes to promoting the work of the broker and the portfolio that he has at his disposal. These tips will certainly make a difference.

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