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Role play: how does this technique increase your team's performance?

Role play: how does this technique increase your team's performance?

Role play

Have you ever heard of role play? This technique has been widely used by companies seeking to boost the work by their sales teams..

The idea of role play is to simulate a real sales situation so that the team learns and knows how to carry out their activities in practice.

For those who want to increase their team's performance, investing in this method can make all the difference and bring great results.

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What is role play?

The term "role play" means "to interpret a part". Role playing is used in our sales training to simulate a real situation, enabling the sales team to learn by doing.

This model is very interesting for those looking to motivate and prepare their salesforce for the challenges they may face. This type of training uses everyday situations that need constant improvement and updating.

What is role play?

In many cases, it takes a lot of flexibility to serve a particular customer. And this is where role play is really constructive.

By learning in practice and in situations that are as close as possible to reality, professionals have the chance to learn more, get precious information, make mistakes and get quick feedback, other than having a remarkable life experience which enables them to better retain the learned information.

The last item is perhaps one of the greatest differentials of this technique. When an experience is very remarkable, its chances of being remembered by its participants are greater, since it has been proven that there's an effective link between learning and emotions.

Furthermore, it emerges as a different teaching method, which is more dynamic and attractive to sales professionals. Therefore, this learning resource can bring many benefits to your company and your sales team.

How can you implement role play?

Okay, now that you know the concept of role play, it's time to apply it with your team. However, it's not enough to simply act out a situation: you need to be very assertive in order to reap the full benefits of this technique.

Here's how role play can be introduced to your commercial team:

1 - Identify your team's difficulties

In order to use role play correctly, first you need to identify and understand your salesforce's main challenges. What problems do they face on a daily basis? 

It's important to understand that the main focus of role play is to work on the team's weaknesses, so that they can improve and be able to fully and correctly serve customers.

2 - Prepare the team for different customer profiles

There are different types of customers, and it's essential that the team adapts to them. Role play has all the tools to help deal with these varied profiles.

To create this exercise, map which types of consumers most relate to the company persona and simulate situations that are as close to reality as possible, thinking about anything that might occur.

From customers who are easier to serve to those who interrupt the salesperson and are more resistant, what's important is that the professionals know how to be flexible in order to improve their chances of complete the sale.

3 - Think of all types of different situations - even if they are exaggerated

It's important to use your imagination here. What are the most likely scenarios? What could customers say or what might their behavior be?

Even in extreme situations, it's always good to keep the sales professionals prepared and aware of how their behavior must be towards the customer.

Entenda o que é role play

Wrapping up, it's crucial that you understand that there's no perfect role play format. What's important here is making your sales professionals constantly more prepared for the challenges they may face, and there's nothing better than learning by doing.

With the tips we've given you, you can already start developing this activity with your team. The time is now!

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