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Você conhece as vantagens de investir em um portal imobiliário? – Play2Sell

Do you know the advantages of investing in a real estate portal?

portal imobiliário

The internet is the gateway for customers looking for a new home, whether to buy or rent. In this article, we will present the advantages of investing in a real estate portal. Keep reading.

Cost and benefit

Investing in a real estate portal represents a great cost/benefit ratio regarding the advantages a real estate website can provide, since most of them, including Imovelweb - real estate advertising portal, require little technical knowledge to start using and the packages ads are very attractive. Imovelweb


One of the great benefits is the portal's search engine, which allows the client to filter by type of property, special characteristics, neighborhoods, among others. This makes user searches much easier and enables a greater probability of generating contacts, as the portals have countless options. However, there are also plans that allow you to always be amongst the first search hits.

Faster and more effective return

Undoubtedly, a real estate portal can provide a faster and more effective return on your investment, given that it deals with an assertive target audience. People looking for a property to buy or rent.


The result is almost immediate, given that users who are looking for properties subscribe to several advertisement sheets in which they take interest. From that point, it's a matter of starting commercial negotiations and making making the sale.

About Imovelweb

Imovelweb is one of the largest real estate portals in Latin America, having been 22 in the market for 22 years. The portal has a qualified audience, with more than 25 million monthly visits and over 100 million page views.

Portal imobiliário

Being amongst the largest portals, its ads are more prominent, and, within the advertiser's central, it's possible to see a complete behavior analysis of generated customers, as well as to export a detailed report of displayed ads and even have direct contact with the customer via WhatsApp (mobile and web).

On Imovelweb, you can also include a complete description of the property, such as floor plans, size, differentials, as well as photos, logo, location, among other information that make your product more relevant and contribute to increased sales. 

Very cool, isn't it? How about starting to advertise with them? Click here and don't miss the opportunity to place your properties in one of the biggest real estate portals on the Internet.

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