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Boost sales: Where should you put your real estate ads?


Many brokers,owners or real estate agents are currently seeking to innovate their ads due to the fact that market offers buyers several options. With all these options in place, one must reach the right end consumer and offer properties in an attractive way.

Therefore, real estate portals are essential to build a good sales strategy, since simply reaching any type of audience can end up losing potential customers; real estate portals know how important this is, and they can be your greatest allies.

And you've probably heard about Imovelweb, where you can assemble your personalized files and insert all necessary data, not to mention its direct customer service via WhatsApp, direct messages, chat and email.

This is a way to make all involved parties more comfortable so that the negotiation can happen in its own time.

The advantages of real estate ads are numerous, starting with the almost guaranteed presence in Google search results, the main resource people around the world turn to. In addition to this benefit, we've separated a few more to help you boost your sales, keep reading!

Target audience

As we've mentioned before, you must segment the market and seek your type of audience. Users certainly visit ad portals because they are looking for a property to buy or rent, and this is one of the advantages, since your ad will be displayed to people who are potential customers. 

Portals, therefore, are the best channel to increase the chance of a quick trade.


Simply inserting your property in an ad portal is already an advantage, but some of them provide features that put your ad in the spotlight; in Imovelweb, these spotlights allow your ad to be one of the first to appear in the search and often be clicked on even before a search is performed.

These ads have a few more benefits compared to simpler ones, for example, you can insert more photos of the property, so that the user has a true view of what the property is like, increasing their willingness to visit; in addition, you have the possibility of including videos in the ads, given that videos get large access rates and increase buyer interest. 

In some cases, inserting 360º images is also possible. They have different ad formats, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Responsiveness and good browsability

Another advantage of advertising real estate on reliable portals is their good browsability and responsiveness. This is an advantage because people are increasingly accessing the internet via computers, tablets and cell phones, demanding that websites have fast, attractive and easy browsing on any device.

Professionals in the field ensure that these two characteristics will bring your ad a high visualization rate and avoid its quick dismissal by users.

And this is possible because there's a constant concern with user experience. Improvements are very frequent and there is an entire team ready to fix any navigation problems.

Now that you know some of the benefits of a real estate portal, how about getting to know our services? Here your advertisements are quick, practical and efficient!

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