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Como aumentar o ticket médio da minha empresa? – Play2Sell

How can I increase my company's average ticket?

Como aumentar o ticket médio

If you're a business owner, you've certainly come across – or will come across – with the following question: "how do I increase my average ticket?".

The average ticket refers to the average amount spent by each customer in a company. And the challenge is to find out how to do this without risking losing customers.

The good news is that this is quite possible, but you need to be very careful and follow a few strategies in order not to lose market points.

So, do you want to increase your average ticket and improve your revenue? So, check out our guidelines!

1. Complementary products or services

One option is to offer your old customers complementary products and services that justify the decision of increasing the average ticket.

Before doing that, it's important to analyze your sales and your customers in order to understand what their buying habits are and what they want the most.

Based on that, you can analyze what complements you can add. Check which products and services are best suited for this process, but be careful to not let the strategy backfire.

For example, if you own an online clothing store, which item can you include in a sale to justify an increased average ticket? Will this item be relevant to the customer? Will it not harm your business?

This strategy, if well-planned and structured, can encourage consumers to buy more and will also make them more satisfied with the service your company offers.

2. Stay in touch

You most likely already have your customers in your contact base. Therefore, you can use this base when increasing the average ticket.

Whether by phone, WhatsApp, SMS or social networks, you can show consumers what's going on at the company, show them the news and tell a few success stories with other customers, via testimonials, for example.

In addition to serving as a strategy towards increasing the average ticket, it will also help you strengthen relationships with users and increase their trust towards the company.

3. Refer and win

What if you offer incentives for your customers to refer your products and services? This will help your company get new customers and retain current ones.

You can give exclusive discounts, or other benefits such as pay 1 and get 2, or get a product if you refer a certain number of people.

In the end, everyone will win: your company will bring in new customers and customers will be happier with the prizes they might win.

4. Invest in customer success

One way to gain customer loyalty while increasing the average ticket is to invest in your customer's success. Offer new solutions and ideas so that they can grow with you, benefiting everyone and satisfying the customer.

In order to do this, it would be interesting to invest in a customer success department in your company, which would focus on helping customers and pleasing them according to their needs.

Will increasing the average ticket negatively affect my business?

The most important thing here is to protect your current customer base. With the tips we offer, you have all the necessary tools to maintain a good relationship with your customers, retaining them so that they'll keep consuming your products and services.

Furthermore, some things can never decrease in quality in any way: products, services and customer service, in particular, must always be given special attention.

Based on that, you'll be able to naturally increase your average ticket and increase your company profits.

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