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Play2sell é uma das startups em destaque na Liga Insights SalesTech – Play2Sell

Play2sell is one of the featured startups at the Liga Insights SalesTech

Play2sell was selected as one of the prominent startups in the latest edition of the Liga Insights SalesTech, developed by Liga Ventures aiming to map the market's trending companies.

Liga Insights is a market intelligence content portal on innovation in different segments and sectors of the economy, being a part of Liga Ventures, a Brazilian accelerator dedicated to connecting startups and large companies. Liga Insights frequently develops studies on startups that stand out in various fields.

Play2sell is included in the Sales Tech or "Sales Operations" category, guaranteeing its place as an innovative startup that makes a difference in the market. Via its Play2sell GO app, the startup seeks to promote a new way of training company salesforces,ensuring more fun and, consequently, more efficient learning, in addition to providing increased sales conversion.

"Demand levels regarding the training of sales teams have greatly increased. This is happening because consumers are doing lots of online research before talking to a seller. And since no one has the patience to watch long videos, traditional training processes do not deliver results", says Play2sell CEO, Felipe dos Santos.

"In the difficult year of 2020, we doubled our annual revenue. This demonstrates that many companies are looking for new approaches to sales training. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, we're currently finalizing a third round of fundraising for investments", he concludes.

Do you want to know more about Play2sell's investment round? Visit for more on how to become an investor!

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