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Play2sell gets media attention by raising R$ 2 million in investments

Play2sell gets media attention by raising R$ 2 million in investments

Play2sell is the Brazil's first specialized platform in training salesforces via gamification.The startup aims to transform the preparation of sales teams into a fun and engaging journey, different from the market's traditional training processes..

Play2sell managed to circumvent the economic crisis and doubled its annual sales in 2020. After growing 113%, it continues to invest in technology, innovation and platform improvement, and intends to double its size in 2021. As a result, we caught the attention of investors and, in February of this year, successfully completed our third round of fundraising, raising R$ 2 million in little over two months.

Such success is reflected in the media: reports about the company were published on the websites of Exame, Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios, O Estado de S. Pauloamong other very relevant media outlets.

"We want to expand our presence in the market, mainly reaching the retail segment and the automotive, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. These are industries that also demand greater qualification and knowledge from the salesforce, since they serve more demanding and well-informed customers. To this end, there is nothing better than training these professionals in a light, engaging way that delivers better results", said the CEO and founder of Play2sell, Felipe dos Santos, in an interview published by Startupi.

Play2sell's investment rounds

Our first round of investments took place when we began our operations in 2018, when 11 angel investors made a total investment of approximately R$ 200 thousand. The second was held in 2019 and raised more than three times the first amount - over R$ 650 thousand. The third round of investments Play2sell promoted used the equity crowdfunding via the CapTable. Iniciou em dezembro de 2020 e, em fevereiro de 2021, foi finalizada com sucesso.

In this round, over 430 investors were added to the business and the raised total reached the mark of R$ 2 million. With these investments, the startup will improve its game and strengthen its team, retaining its position as a market reference.

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