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How to improve the performance of your real estate team?

How to improve your performance in real estate sales?

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To sell ​​more. This is the main challenge of any business. Faced with a competitive and fickle market, it is essential that the sales professionals remain updated, productive and increasingly trained.

For the sale of real estate to be carried out correctly, it is extremely important to be a qualified professional,who is competent, committed, focused on high performance and highly creative to deal with everyday problems and all types of situations. For this reason, managers and companies have been concentrating and investing more and more in professional training and initiatives aimed at improving the team.

How to improve the performance of your real estate team?

Real estate sales professionals often make the mistake of believing that only talent and luck are needed to close a deal. They often forget that customers are the ones who dictate the rules. In the real estate market, which is a market with high value goods especially in the segment, the role of those who serve the customer is decisive. In the internet age, this maxim becomes even more true since, many times, the potential buyer already possesses a lot of information about the client company and its market.

Therefore, the broker's task is to be a consultant, understand the real needs, be an expert in the product, provide a favorable environment and foster a relationship based on trust and ethics. Doing this brokers can develop strategies and provide a personalized service, offering properties that fit well to each profile.

In addition, it is extremely important to know how to manage customers and carry out an efficient follow up process. Leaving call back decision in the hands of the prospective buyer is not a wise decision, mainly because most do never get back to us. Also, doing that favors competitors who can then by pass you in the selling process.

Showing interest in client's needs and desires, being close to them and offering real help in making the best decision are a great attitude. Buying a property often means fulfilling the dream of a lifetime. Successful brokers know how to build trust and are not just concerned with selling. In this case, the deal closure comes as a result of a well-established relationship.

To achieve this goal, the first step is to get better at what you do. A high-performance professional needs to be constantly trained and updated on the recent market news. Far beyond the courses, which require the broker to stop for a whole day - or even longer -, today, many online solutions are available. One example of this type of solution is the Play2sell app. Play2Sell trains brokers on details regarding the real state products they are selling and provides tips on sales techniques, customer service, negotiation and many others.

To use, just download the app on your cell phone. Further information available on Play2sell website there is other information.

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