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Play2sell's partnership with Direcional Engenharia yields good results

Play2sell's partnership with Direcional Engenharia yields good results

Direcional Engenharia

Even in pandemic times and consequent economic crisis, Play2sell has been growing in the gamification market. An example is our partnership with Direcional Engenharia, currently one of Brazil's main construction companies and developers.

The partnership was born in August 2020 and the Play2sell game has since been part of their realtors' daily lives. The company has approximately 2 thousand professionals in frequent training and learning more and more thanks to


The project was so successful that all Direcional Engenharia products need to go through the Play2sell game training before being launched, a strategy that aims towards realtors having full product knowledge and full capability to serve customers.

Direcional Engenharia has already renewed our partnership for 2021

Further steps have already been taken: soon Riva, a developer which is part of Direcional Engenharia, will also count on Play2sell's salesforces via gamification. . In addition, the partnership will be maintained in 2021 so that brokers continue to be trained.

And the game is well evaluated by professionals from Direcional Engenharia. Check out the testimonial below:

As a result, Play2sell continues to consolidate and grow in the market. Do you want to know more about our game? Click here and schedule a meeting now!

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