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Personal marketing: 6 tips to use and sell more

Personal marketing as a tool to increase sales

Marketing pessoal

Marketing and sales are two areas that complement each other, since the one's success greatly depends on the other. However, there are different forms of marketing that can be decisive for

Personal marketing is one of them.

You're probably aware, but customers often decide to make a purchase largely based on how they feel about the seller. So, if you work in sales, investing in your personal marketing is a good way to attract consumers.

Do you know what personal marketing is?

Publicizing the company in indisputably essential in order to have greater sales growth possibilities. But simply working on the image may not be enough for the consumer, since the way they are approached by the salesperson is often crucial.

And this is where personal marketing comes in: it's a series of strategies and techniques that seek to improve the image of a professional and how people see him, either the client, a partner, an investor, a boss, among others.

Como fazer marketing pessoal

This includes several aspects, such as the way the salesperson dresses, how they communicate (verbal and body language), how they treat customers, among others. All of this is important for the professional's image.

In this article, we are going to offer you 6 tips on how to deliver good personal marketing. Check it out:

1 - Choose your clothing well

The famous expression "the first impression is what remains" may be controversial, but the customer's first image of the salesperson often impacts the sale. It is always good to pay attention to the clothes you wear and be dressed according to your line of work.

And not only that, take good care of your personal hygiene in order to avoid embarrassing situations with consumers and co-workers.

2 - Be nice: use it and abuse it

Put yourself in the customer's shoes: how would you deal with a sulky salesperson, who only speaks when you ask a question and barely looks at you?

Therefore, try to be friendly with the customers, pay them close attention and prioritize good education. Of course, you mustn't exaggerate, since you can be perceived as inconvenient.

3 - Bet on the online universe

Social networks can be a powerful tool for personal publicity. Make it a habit to update your information, choose photos that show you in a professional environment and introduce yourself as an expert in your field of work.

In addition, you can enhance your professional image by creating e-books, writing articles on a blog and even promoting online lives or lectures. Having a YouTube channel, for example, can be interesting for your career.

4 - Create good networks

Searching for connections that are helpful to your work - former and current company colleagues, partners, customers, among others - is a good form of personal marketing.

You can also participate in discussion groups on your area of expertise, comment on publications, participate in live feeds on social networks, among other actions that get you noticed in the online community.

5 - Invest in your professional development

Searching for new knowledge and keeping yourself updated is essential for your professional curriculum. Invest in courses, follow your industry's trends and leverage your career. Make sure to do good research and choose the most suitable qualifications for your industry in order to enhance your formal knowledge.

And don't forget: whenever you specialize in any area of knowledge, update your CV and your social networks, especially LinkedIn.

6 - Know how to communicate well

When talking about communication, we're taking into account your way of speaking, in a slow, clear, objective way and, preferably, using correct and proper language. Not everyone has patience and time, so get to the point and avoid being wordy.

However, in addition to verbal communication, pay attention to your body language, that is, to how you communicate with your own body. There are a few tips you can use in this regard, but some are basic, such as looking into the eyes when talking to the customer, not crossing your arms when he talks to you and not checking the time while you're providing your service.

These are a few guidelines you can use in order to improve on this end, but, of course, doing personal marketing is not that simple. You must take time to build a suitable image. However, it is not enough to do it once, it's a constant effort.

Still, it is very worthwhile if you are looking for better results, and especially if you are looking to stand out even more in the market.

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