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Concepts you need to know in order to be a good realtor:

What a good real estate agent needs to know?

Como ser um bom corretor de imóveis

There are a number of topics that a real estate agent needs to master in order to provide a good service and earn the attention and trust of customers. Getting to know the properties you sell and understanding the region in which they are located, to other topics such as sales techniques and good communication are some examples. There are a number of essential skills for professionals working in this area.

But which ones are the most important and which ones should the manager focus on when thinking about training the sales team?

The Play2sella startup that offers and app that uses gamification to train sales professionals - especially realtors -, conducted a survey with more than 100 of these professionals in the real estate market in different parts of Brazil between June and August 2018 and identified what are the themes they need to know to show a better performance. Below we show the four winning concepts.

Bom corretor de imóveis

Concepts you need to know in order to be a good realtor:

4th place: Empathy and relationship

Developing empathy may seem like an easy thing, but in practice it is not that simple. People have tendency to impose his or her point of view, forgetting that people have different experiences and different ways of seeing the same situation.

There are several different reasons why a client wants to buy or rent a property, from buying the dream apartment to getting married or even due to a divorce or moving to another city. In addition, the same property can be considered excellent by one person and terrible by another.

Therefore, the most important thing is for the realtor to try to understand the client and try to put himself in their shoes. This is what we call empathy. Based on this basic principle, it is possible to develop a new point of view and start having a great relationship with the customer.

3rd place: Ethics

Ethics is the set of basic notions and principles that sustain life in society. It is necessary in any type of coexistence. And obviously also necessary in every profession. Dealing with a team that has no ethics among team members or with consumers can generate conflicts, stress, discouragement and scare away talent and customers. Therefore, it is important for the manager to set an example and encourage healthy and fair competition among brokers.

It is essential to instruct the team on this and also to remember that there is a Code of Professional Ethics for Realtors,so that they learn what are the legal obligations towards the client and their colleagues in the real estate.

2nd place: Negotiation

Negotiating is a common practice in the realtor's routine, however, there are those who do not train negotiation techniques and end up not closing many deals. The big problem in this regard is that some professionals in the industry believe that they have a "natural gift" for this, so they do not hone their negotiation skills and have a hard time to retain customers.

Advising your team to know the available properties in the market is the first step to learn how to negotiate efficiently. Knowing how to argue with data, having a sense of urgency and observing the client's profile are other points of extreme importance when it comes to negotiating a property.

1st place: Product knowledge

A good realtor must know the properties properly, thus being able to negotiate efficiently and clarify all customer doubts. Knowing the materials used to construct the home, the outside spaces, the location, ensure that they feel confident with the service all of these increase chances of closing a deal.

Advise your team to visit the property beforehand, make notes and study the environment. It is important to ensure that brokers have the answers at the tip of their tongue, mainly because with internet, customers have access to product detail and can easily perceive incorrect and false information.

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