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6 grandes mentiras que contam sobre as vendas – Play2Sell

6 huge lies told about working with sales

Mentiras nas vendas

Today, April 1st, is known as April Fool's Day and, in order to take advantage of it, let's talk about the biggest lies in sales.

How many times have you heard contradictory phrases about sales? Things that, after being repeated over and over without anyone questioning, have become absolute truths?

Well, there are many lies in sales. Therefore, in this article, we will try to demystify some of them.

6 lies that must be questioned in sales

1. Anyone can sell

Let's start with this lie, which is very common. Yes, you can learn and develop yourself as a salesperson, but saying "anyone can sell" gives the idea that there's no need to do anything, that selling will come naturally.

This is a lie, since a good salesperson always seeks to remain up to date, taking courses and attending sales training, processes in order to learn new techniques and strategies. One needs to make an effort - and a big one - towards this goal in order to become a quality professional.

2. You need to be lucky to sell

Another huge lie in sales. Being a great seller is not about luck, but about quality and training. It's also about being proactive and knowing how to make good arguments. And finally, it's about having lots of confidence in yourself, making customers feel secure in their purchase.

Successful salespeople have great willpower and devote much of their time to preparing and learning sales techniques and strategies to acquire more customers. If it were a matter of luck, a salesforce wouldn't be necessary, right?

3. Good sellers only need to be good talkers

Of course, being good at chatting is important, since establishing a friendly relationship with the consumer is one of the principles of selling. But, in addition, it is necessary to listen to what the customer has to say and understand their reasons for the purchase.

Yes, it seems obvious, but it is very common to see the seller talking more than the consumer, without the intention of knowing what they think. This can be a problem, causing you to lose a big sale and even regular buyers. Thus, pay close attention to the customer, ask the right questions, assess and understand their needs, and then offer the most appropriate solution.

4. The sale ends when the customer makes the payment

This is one of the biggest sales lies. A sale cannot end just because the customer made the payment. It is important to follow up with the consumer, to know if they are satisfied with the service and the products, and to make yourself available for future appointments.

The After-sales is as important as the sale itself and brings several benefits to the seller and the company. Acquiring loyal customers and making them promoters of your products and services are amongst these benefits.

5. A good product sells itself

Having quality products is essential increasing sales, but saying they will sell themselves is a huge lie. After all, how will potential customers know that the product is good? And how will these people understand that they need it?

Therefore, you must invest in good marketing in order to promote your products and services. Tip: check the possibility of obtaining testimonials from those who have already made purchases, so they can talk about the experience they had with your company and with whatever they acquired from you. Another tip is to bet on digital marketing in order to advertise and increase sales.

6. Sales training is a waste of time

This is another myth that must be debunked. Anyone who says that sales training is just a waste of time is completely wrong. They are investments, given that your salesforce will be more prepared and able to sell even more.

One option for sales training to be more efficient is to bet on gamification.It's a way of combining learning with fun, which motivates your employees.

These are a few commonly told lies in sales. Now, it's up to you to continue debunking them. Happy selling!

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