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Inside Sales: 3 tips to implement in your company

What are Inside Sales and how do I implement them in my company?

Inside Sales traz diversos benefícios para a empresa

The sales industry has several specific terms, and you've certainly heard of one of them: Inside Sales. But do you know what it means and what its benefits are?

Inside Sales mean"internal sales"and they're nothing more than the sales process that takes place inside in the company. They are the salespeople who look for and serve customers within the corporation.

This work model has been frequently used in commercial areas to complement new sales processes. The focus is to optimize the work of the salesforce, increase the department's revenue and reduce company costs.

Would Inside Sales work for my company?

Due to the world's technological developments, we can currently count on several resources that facilitate Inside Sales. For example, you no longer need to meet your customer or even make a phone call: video conferencing, video calls or instant messaging via cell phone applications can meet this demand.

Investir em Inside Sales para sua empresa pode fazer a diferença

In other words, investing in the internal sales process does not mean that you will be far from customers. On the contrary, it is quite possible to be even closer to them.

Therefore, your company can - and maybe even should - implement Inside Sales at least for part of the team. But it is not enough to just invest in technology and offer your professionals the necessary tools: they need to be trained for this performance model, given the necessary preparation process.

What are the benefits of Inside Sales?

By investing in an Inside Sales model for your team, you will benefit from great improvements for your company and your customer service.

Cost reduction

With professionals working in-company, there will be less expenses towards travels, accommodations, commuting, among others, that are common for the salesforce.

There will also be a significant reduction in time spent attracting and acquiring new customers, since the technology makes this process much easier.

Increased profit margin

As a result, with your company spending less money and less time, your profit margin will increase. Your team will be able to bring in a greater number of customers and establish more direct relationships with them, thus increasing the possibility of building customer loyalty.

More productive team

Going back to travel and commuting, when these requirements are reduced, workers will be less tired to develop their activities and, thus, they will be able to achieve their goals more easily and quickly.

Sales standardization

Standardizing sales does not mean following a memorized script, solely focused on closing a sale, but defining a more assertive and secure speech that the company can pass on to the customer.

Therefore, the salesforce will know what needs to be said at the moment of the sale, how to persuade the customer, how to get around possible objections, which success cases they can use to convince the customer, among others.

And how do I implement Inside Sales in my company?

If you are interested in adopting Inside Sales in your company, it is important to follow a few guidelines:

1 - Empower your salesforce

As stated earlier, it is not enough to simply adopt this model for your team. All members need to be trained and qualified in order to be able to execute this new process.

You must introduce them to the concept, establish a schedule with procedures to be adopted and carry out practical training simulating a customer scenario.

2 - Provide an adequate structure

Technological support is important for the adoption of Inside Sales - in fact, without technology, it's not possible to adopt this model.

Therefore, you must offer quality computers and cellphones, fast internet access and enough phone lines and extensions so everyone can work with peace of mind.

3 - Establish a transition schedule

Your team may not be prepared for such a drastic change, as it is a new work model. Therefore, you must establish a transition plan for the implementation of the new processes.

It is important that your customers also understand this change. One option is to set up a few meetings with the oldest and more traditional professionals, at least until they get used to the new company scenario.

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