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Como aumentar as vendas do seu negócio no mercado imobiliário? – Play2Sell

How can you increase your sales in the real estate market?

Aumentar as vendas

Increasing your company sales in the real estate market amidst so many options in the market seems to be a complex task, and attracting the largest number of customers and closing the most deals seem to be challenging, but don't worry, this post you will show you two simple ways to come out on top and get the best results in the month. That's right: the best results; these two strategies certainly guarantee great positive results and must be implemented in your sales strategy.


You certainly know about or have heard of real estate portals, don't you? Well, if you want to increase your company sales, this type of solution guarantees a more assertive target audience and quicker negotiations, in addition to offering good visibility for your business, given that your brand is exposed on the portal. We also know that choosing a real estate portal can be a bit difficult, since you need to choose the one that delivers the best results, so we chose one of the portals on the market in order to relieve you from any doubts: Imovelweb

The portal has 22 years of experience in the real estate market and is part of the Navent group - a leader in online classifieds in Latin America. The portal has more than 4 million advertisers, over 25 million monthly visits and more than 100 million page views. 

With several types of ads, Imovelweb also offers a media package to further enhance your product - your brand at the portal, e.g.: brand banners at the portal's top, middle and bottom sections, segmented email marketing, among other products.

Como aumentar as vendas
Print of the imovelweb portal home screen, search box product, advertising located on the homepage with daily placement by property type and/or location is a highly visible position.

No Imovelweb portal home screen, search box product, advertising located on the homepage with daily placement by property type and/or location is a highly visible position. 

The Imovelweb is much more than an online real estate portal, they deliver the best experience for buying, selling or renting a property, from the beginning to the end of the process. All via real estate solutions, assisting both users in search of an ideal property and you, the advertiser.

The portal offers financiamento imobiliário, seguro fiança, crédito com garantia, consórcio imobiliário, empréstimo pessoal and much more, all through their platform and without bureaucracy, so your client no longer needs to go from bank to bank looking for credit; they do everything. And all this is very helpful for your sales process.

Very cool, isn't it? How about starting to advertise with them? Click here and don't miss the opportunity to place your properties in one of the biggest real estate portals on the Internet. 


Customer behavior has changed, and it is very important to be concerned with customer experience if you want to increase your company sales. 

It is essential that you create strategies with your objective in mind, proposing a better experience for your potential customer in their process of buying a property. Satisfaction should be the main focus in this process: be polite, be part of your client's daily routine, sending messages that express concern, affection, and attention. 

You must care for them, understand their pains, listen, talk and not just talk about sales; don't be in a hurry, the sale will happen at its ideal moment.

Provide differentiated services, be a friend, bring your potential customer close to you so that he sees and feels that your product is the best in the market, and that you provide exclusive services. If you are a developer or a builder, invest in your sales team, provide training, stay on top of your customers, as they are the true owners of your business.

So, did you like these two tips? Be sure to implement them in your sales strategies.

See you in the next one!

* This text was produced by the portal Imovelweb, Play2sell partner.

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