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Training the sales team: 5 training ideas

Training the sales team: 5 training ideas

como treinar a equipe de vendas

Having trained and prepared professionals to represent the company is essential for the team's success. But how can you train the sales team efficiently?

In order to help you develop your professionals in an assertive way, we'll provide a few sales training ideas to your sales team.

How can you train the sales team?

Before starting your sales training, you need to define a few details.First, you must define what the training objectives are: is it to train and provide updates to the salesforce? Is it to introduce a new product? Is it to introduce new company procedures?

Next, think about the time it will take to develop this training and about the format you want to adopt. In pandemic times, the most common approach - and perhaps the safest - is offering online sales training, but it all depends on your team's profile.

One format that is currently on the rise is gamified sales training.It is a training process that uses gaming mechanics and resources in order to teach its participants while promoting more fun and interaction between them.

Finally, you must establish how the training results will be measured. When preparing a sales training, it is important to define which indicators will be analyzed in order to understand the impacts on the salesforce.

quer gamificar seus treinamentos

5 ideas on how to train the sales team

When thinking about how to train the sales team, the first thing leaders think is that it must help increasing sales. However, it is important to understand that it's necessary to go through a thorough process in order to enable the sales team to reach their goals and be successful.

We're presenting below 5 ideas on how to train the sales team so that it's able to advance their development. Check it out:

1 - Prospecting

This sales training aims to attract new customers to the company and, more than that, to build customer loyalty. In this training, participants can learn how to deal with different consumer profiles and how to provide them personalized service.

Its focus is to enable sellers to better deal with customers,so it's actually one of the most acquired by companies. Therefore, offering it requires trained people and, if possible, it's also interesting to offer practical training to the salesforce.

We have a few themes that can be worked on, such as "how to deal with different consumer profiles", "tools and techniques to attract the customer's attention" or "how to get the customer in your first approach".

2 - Tools and technology

The world is rapidly changing due to increasing technological advances. We currently have several tools that facilitate professional work in several different areas - and sales industry is not an exception.

Thus, offering sales training so that the salesforce learns to use these new tools can be very valuable and help their daily work. How to use WhatsApp, how to use CRM, how to reply to customers on social networks,among others, are only a few of the topics that can be explored.

3 - Sales negotiations

Knowing how to negotiate with the customer is essential for the employee to be successful in sales. How should you deal with an objection? What if the customer wants unrealistic discounts?

Therefore, this training modality brings techniques which enable the salesperson to know how to deal with these situations, avoiding discomfort and serving the customer in the best possible way.

4 - Motivation

Motivating the team can make the difference in sales. Even if a salesperson is very good at what they do, they may be unmotivated by a series of problems, whether inside or outside the company.

Therefore, consider preparing motivational sales training processes that engage employees and make them feel more confident. You can even focus on a problem that is demotivating your salesforce, such as teaching financial education and how to better handle finances.

5 - Communication with the customer

Perhaps your team lacks a standardized service. And more than that, your employees might need to develop new communication techniques for customers.

In this sales training, professionals will learn best practices and more convincing ways of communicating with consumers, thinking about the customer's well-being and greater sales possibilities.

Start the game

Entender a importância da capacitação dos vendedores é o primeiro passo para o sucesso. Mas é preciso reconhecer que encontrar treinamentos que funcionam é um desafio! 

A gamificação é uma tecnologia que pode ser usada em diversos processos. No ensino corporativo ajuda a tornar a aprendizagem mais dinâmica, aumentando o nível de engajamento dos colaboradores.

Saiba como a gamificação pode melhorar os resultados da sua empresa! 

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