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Como definir as metas para a sua equipe? – Play2Sell

How can you define the team's goals?

Como definir metas

Anyone who works in the commercial sector, whether as a leader or as a salesperson, is used to hearing about achieving company and team goals. But how do you set the goals?

First of all, it's important to understand the following: goals are resources the company uses in order to establish a mission and enable the team to come together and achieve success. In addition, it also serves as a performance indicator for everyone involved.

Without having well-defined goals, the salesforce is unlikely to succeed in their activities. Everyone must understand what the objectives are, and which paths must be followed to achieve them.

However, before defining them, team members must go through a thorough training process. It is not enough to simply establish objectives without first thinking about some issues.

Below are some tips on how to set goals for your business team. Check it out:

How can you define team goals?

Como definir metas para sua equipe de vendas

For starters, make it clear to the salesforce what they must do to achieve the established proposals:

  • What they must do more;
  • What they must improve;
  • What they must stop doing.

This way, your professionals will feel more secure and will more easily understand what needs to be done in order to achieve their goals. Remember: the clearer you are, the easier and faster you will achieve what you are seeking.

Set an attainable goal

Before setting your goals, ask yourself: "is it possible?" The only acceptable answer is "yes", otherwise, everything indicates that you are in the wrong direction.

Setting impossible goals can demotivate the team and cause a contrary effect against what you want. Therefore, think of achievable goals in accordance with the reality of the company and its employees.

Beware of easy goals

While goals must be real, be careful with goals that are too easy to achieve. It is also important to get the sellers out of their comfort zone.

They must know that simply reaching the goals the company can already achieve will generally not make the company grow, let alone make employees thrive in their activities. So, you must propose challenging goals that enable everyone to advance.

Create a goal dashboard

It may be interesting to have a dashboard - or control panel - of what is going on in terms of team performance. The objective here is to evaluate performance as a whole in order to understand how the work has been evolving.

By seeing the team's performance, everyone will be aware of what needs to be improved and what is working well. Thus, the established goals will be easier to achieve.

Reevaluate your goals over a period of time

Don't think of goals as definitive. After each predetermined period, review team goals and assess how well your employees' performance is doing.

If the results are not in accordance with company needs, rethink the paths your team is taking and redistribute the objectives. If the opposite is happening - goals are being easily achieved - present the salesforce with new challenges.

Support the team

You, as a team leader, are probably seen as more experienced. Therefore, show your team members the best ways to achieve their goals.

It is important that you offer them support and demonstrate patience with those who struggle more. The aim here is to establish a partnership rapport with them, since everyone seeks the best for the team and the company.

Assess the possibility of giving out awards

To further motivate salesforce, think about the possibility of giving company rewards to those who meet established goals. The goal is to make professionals more engaged and promote healthy competition between them.

They can be simple prizes, such as gift certificates or movie tickets, or even larger prizes, such as trips, smartphones, notebooks, among others.

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