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How to sell more: 5 tips to help your sales team

How to sell more: 5 tips to help your sales team

Want to know how to sell more? Check out Play2sell's tips for your company and commercial area.

Surely you must have already asked yourself: "How do I get my sales team to sell more?". After all, every company needs to sell to stay alive. However, as you may already know, having quality products is not enough to increase your sales.

Como vender mais

Of course, you have to take care of the basics, such as having a good team and, if possible, investing in marketing to bring in new customers - especially digital marketing. But other actions are also interesting to renew and retain your audience.

So, how to sell more?

Play2sell have five tips for you to help the commercial area of ​​your company and achieve even better results, check it out:

1 - Invest in the training of your team

Como vender mais e gamificação de treinamentos

Every seller needs to know well the product he offers. This conveys confidence both to himself and the customer. Therefore, investing in training for your employees, specially for the more qualified will bring better results.

In times of pandemic, an interesting way to train your salespeople is through online training. In addition to being fast and comfortable for your team, this modality can be very dynamic through games.

2 - Creating relationships helps you to sell more

Como vender mais e ter novos clientes

It is essential that your company and its salespeople know the customer well and understand his needs. A good service, with care and cordiality, is always well regarded and can increase customer loyalty. sua empresa e seus vendedores conheçam bem o cliente e entendam as necessidades dele. Um bom atendimento, com atenção e cordialidade, é sempre visto com bons olhos e pode fazer com que o público continue a consumir os seus produtos.

A survey of Harvard Business Review points out that emotional connections are an excellent tool to win over your customers, then invest in experiences that connect them to you and your company.

3 - Have (and create) good networking

Como vender mais e networking

How many entrepreneurs do you know? And how many have you established a partnership with? Take this into consideration, analyze your contacts well and start to create a reliable network. In addition, you can promote networking among your customers, to help them sell more as well.

networking networking

4 - Personalized services can make a difference

Como vender mais com atendimento personalizado

We all agree, everyone likes to receive attention when they are served. So, consider treating your customers in a personalized way and establish a closer relationship with your audience. Believe me, this can be a key differentiator for your company's success.

5 - Foster customer loyalty

Como vender mais e fidelizar os clientes

If you want your customer to come back, you need to meet his needs in several ways,from the first offering, through product delivery and after-sales.

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