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Como motivar vendedores desmotivados: 10 práticas para aumentar a motivação da sua equipe – Play2Sell

Como motivar vendedores desmotivados: 10 práticas para aumentar a motivação da sua equipe

Every manager must master techniques on how to motivate an unmotivated salesforce, for the good of the company and the employees themselves. After all, the sales team is essential to the functioning of any business.

So, if you think your team needs a boost and wonder how you can motivate an unmotivated salesforce, keep reading to learn 10 techniques to increase your sales team motivation. up

está se perguntando como motivar vendedores desmotivados, continue lendo para aprender 10 técnicas para aumentar a motivação do seu time de vendedores.


1. Give the work a new meaning

According to a Harvard Business Schoolsurvey, people who see meaning in their work and feel good about what they do are more motivated and committed.

That's why your company's mission and values must be more than just words. When your salesforce understands the real purpose of what they sell and how it has a positive impact on people's lives, you'll be closer to understanding how to motivate an unmotivated salesforce.


2. Value your sellers

The salesforce needs to feel that their work is valued by their boss and the company in order to feel motivated. 

Here are a few ways to value your salesforce:

  • Involving them in the decision-making process;
  • Offering growth opportunities within the company;
  • Offering rewards beyond money: time off, public recognition, opportunities to lead, etc.


3. Celebrate the small victories

In order to learn how to motivate an unmotivated salesforce, you can also celebrate the small victories. It's not every day that your team will make huge sales, but small victories, such as a lead moving forward in the sales funnel, can also be celebrated.

These moments are very powerful towards lifting the mood of the entire team, because the sales team realizes they are also recognized for the small things.


4. Be a good leader

A Gallup survey revealed that about 75% of the factors that lead to an employee's departure originate from their direct manager. In addition, 50% of people have left their jobs in order to get away from their managers.

Motivation may well come from above. What does your salesforce see when they look at you? Could it be that you're the unmotivated one, reflecting it on the team? If your team senses you're not motivated and looking for business success, they may as well "follow their leader" and do the same.

In order to change that, be a leader and not a boss. This involves creating a pleasant working environment, with transparency, clear rules and realistic and achievable goals.


5. Build a rewards program

In line with the small daily goals suggestion, you can also celebrate them with a rewards program. These rewards help each salesperson feel motivated by seeing their peers celebrated, which pushes them to reach their own goals.

Here are a few examples of rewards:

  • Physical gifts, such as gift cards, bottles of wine, electronic devices, chocolate, etc.;
  • Experiences such as dinners, days off, or a trip;
  • Study opportunities such as scholarships, open courses or workshops.


6. Encourage and recognize initiatives

In order to figure out how to motivate an unmotivated salesforce, you can encourage them to be entrepreneurs by cultivating ideas towards business growth. In order to do this, give your team the necessary time, freedom and space to try out new ideas.

Rewarding these new ideas is also a way to motivate the team, by giving rewards to the implemented ideas that work.


7. Encourage cooperation

Sales professionals are often competitive by nature, but this doesn't have to happen within the team itself. Competition with other colleagues, when unhealthy, can breed resentment and disregard.

Encouraging cooperation in addition to competition is also a good idea towards understanding how to motivate an unmotivated salesforce. You must encourage collaboration by rewarding people who share their knowledge and ideas, besides making efforts to work together in order to outperform the competition.


8. Work through the anxiety

Employees in general have the desire to move up in their careers, but this is even more common among sales professionals, who are always looking for higher commissions and leadership positions. However, anxiety towards these accomplishments can lead to frustration if they're not achieved at the expected speed.

Remember to create a relationship of dialogue and trust with your team, making compliments and growth-oriented agreements. A clear career path makes the salesforce less anxious and more motivated.


9. Motivate them individually

People are different, and what motivates one salesperson may not matter to another. Take time to get to know your team and understand what kind of incentive works for each person.

While some sales professionals prefer cash recognition, others may prefer time off in order to spend more time with their family. An Aberdeen study found that companies that adopted different, individual benefits for each employee had 33 percent of the salesforce achieving their goals more easily, representing 23 percent of the entire team's goal.

If you're wondering how to motivate an unmotivated salesforce, valuing the individual is a good way to go.


10. Use gamified training

Training processes are an excellent way to help the salesforce understand the products or services they sell, as well as to integrate the team and align them towards the same goal. Everyone wants to be recognized, overcome their limits and earn rewards. That's exactly why games are so addictive and most people love them.

Everyone wants to be recognized, overcome their limits and earn rewards. That's exactly why games are so addictive and most people love them.

Providing your salesforce gamified training is one of the best ways to motivate them, given that games are fun and encourage the desire to win. In addition, games facilitate learning by setting goals, achievements, challenges and rewards. The effect is greater content assimilation and greater clarity when applying what's been learned.

Since you want to know how to motivate an unmotivated salesforce, how about getting to know Play2sell? Our gamified training has real-time competition scores and our team of experts is always ready to serve your business and improve your team's sales training.

Contact us and find out how to motivate an unmotivated salesforce through gamification!

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