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How to innovate in sales training

How to innovate in sales training

treinamento para vendedor gamificado

We live in the so-called "Consumer Era", in which access to information is increasingly broader, immediate and unrestricted. Within this new context, innovation in salesforce training is essential. It's how your sales team will be prepared to deal with the current customer profile.

And all this is due to the fact that consumers no longer look for products or services without prior knowledge of their features and functionalities, those days are gone. Nowadays, they come with information and questions, and the salesperson needs to have a greater understanding of the business to be successful in the sales process.

It turns out that traditional training – those in which the participant just sits and listens – have no longer worked. In addition to low engagement, a pain that every sales manager knows well, the level of content assimilation is very low. 

The key to solving this challenge is in one word: innovation. That's right, you must put aside those lecture + PowerPoint training models and read this post in order to find out how to innovate your sales training.


Put the student at the center of the learning process

In order to innovate in salesforce training, you must give the salesforce power within a learning experience. "But how do we do this?" you may be asking yourself. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, but a few simple actions can change the entire learning path:

  • Invest in strategic methodologies:
    No more long presentations in which students just listen and pretend to learn. Just like in the educational process, there are several salesforce training practices. They can be adapted to different audiences and have specific focuses, such as greater engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Customize the content:
    Instead of choosing a standard training that promises a six-digit increase in sales (don't fall for this trap), try to design the content according to what will be sold and the salesforce profile. 
  • Make personal and professional development part of the company culture:
    When made aware of the importance of personal and professional development, employees become more engaged and make training part of their routine.


Work with custom materials

In order to improve engagement and content assimilation, salesforce training must be as personalized as possible. You must dedicate time and focus towards this creative process, which will enable you to teach product and service-specific content to your salesforce. 

Knowing your team profile is essential in order to create a bond between training and student. Try to use real situations and language that's present in the salesperson's daily life. 


Bet on e-learning


Currently available technological resources enable us to create a fully online salesforce training. In addition to the possibility of simulating company actions in a virtual environment, e-learning also brings advantages that contribute to the student's experience, such as:

  • Access to training at the most appropriate time and place for the student;
  • Reviewing the content whenever necessary;
  • Development of a playful, interactive language with audiovisual resources that promote learning in a more relaxed way.


Invest in gamified training for your salesforce

Active methodologies are a great advantage when the subject is salesforce training. If you're looking for a formula that makes learning easier and helps engaging participants, a gamification strategy cannot be left out.

In addition to being a fun way to share knowledge, gamified training also encompasses all types of innovation listed above.

  • Students are responsible for deciding the course of their own training;
  • Everything can be done in a personalized way, creating your own avatars, for example;
  • Contents can be accessed at a distance, in the most favorable time and place for each student;
  • Support materials can be made available within the game itself, carrying the same language and visual identity.


Start game

Now that you know that gamification innovates salesforce training and enables better engagement rates, why not give your team a try?

When surveying our users from the past year, 98% said they learned more from the Play2sell app than from traditional training.

We have a team of specialists ready to serve you and help implement many improvements to your sales team's training process. Click to schedule a conversation with us!


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