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Como encantar o cliente: 5 passos para o sucesso – Play2Sell

How to delight the customer: 5 steps to success

Como encantar o cliente

This is question that won't go away in sales: how do you delight your customer? How do you make him buy your products and come back to get them again?

Selling more is what every company wants, but delighting the customer goes far beyond a simple sale. It means to acquire a consumer, to make them loyal, to make them publicize your brand, either directly or indirectly.

Sometimes it seems like an impossible mission, but you must know it's not. You can start implementing a few practices in your company which will most likely help you getting better results.

How to delight the customer: first steps

Of course, there is no magic recipe that shows you how to delight the customer, but there are a few shortcuts that can take you to a faster path. We know that it's not enough to simply sell a product, we must establish a relationship with the consumer..

The market is increasingly competitive, and, with so much incoming information, customers change their opinions quite often. This is where each company's competitive difference comes in. After all, how do I get the customer interested in my product??

Como encantar o cliente

The first step in delighting your customer is to exceed their expectations. It's about offering more than they expect and providing a great experience. Thus, he will feel valued and more willing to consume your products and services again.

And it all starts with the salesperson: they are responsible for the first approach and must be available and concerned with solving the consumer's problems, more than just making the sale. The salesperson must listen and be willing to create a pleasant experience for the customer.

5 tips on how to delight the customer

We will give you 5 of the main tips on how to delight the customer. You will see that it's indeed possible to achieve full customer satisfaction and make them have a good experience with your company.

Check out our guidelines below:

1 - Know your customer

Being polite and considerate is important, but it is not enough. Therefore, you need to know your customer well, know what their wishes are and understand their needs.

One way to achieve this is by listening to what he has to say and understanding his profile. Thus, it will be easier to acquire and delight them.

2 - Make the customer feel at ease

Creating an identification with your customer is a great step to make them feel at ease. And this largely depends on the seller's perceptions. Did you notice that they like sports, for example? How about talking to them about it?

Of course, you shouldn't be invasive, let alone impertinent. Understand the consumer's body language in order to know if they're willing to be open to that. If so, look for ways to create a connection. linguagem corporal do consumidor para saber se ele está disposto a ter esse contato. Caso esteja, busque formas de criar uma sintonia.

3 - Surprise the customer

Remember when we talked about exceeding expectations? Well, another way to delight the customer is to surprise them in a positive way, whether with a good offer, a special condition, a gift, among others.

This will make them feel special and, as a result, they'll prefer your company instead of the competition. Think of a good strategy and seek those surprises.

4 - Use and abuse technology

In order to ensure quality and organization in your service, make the most of what technology offers. There are many available solutions, such as software and applications that can help you better serve your customers. softwares e aplicativos, que podem ajudar você a atender melhor os seus clientes.

CRM, chatbots, gerenciadores de redes sociais, entre outras ferramentas podem trazer um grande alívio e facilitar o seu trabalho e da sua equipe.

5 - Take care of your team

This tip could not be left out: if you want salespeople prepared and ready to serve with excellence, invest in sales training, for them. This is the best way to win over your customers and achieve better results.

Como encantar o cliente

It is important that your professionals know how to serve each consumer according to their profile, mastering the best sales strategies and fully understanding all the products and services that your company offers. To that end, it is important that they are well trained.

One possibility to enhance this training is to insert the

in it, so you can combine learning with fun and provide a more pleasant moment for everyone. It is that old maxim of uniting the useful with the pleasant.

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