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Treinamentos que engajam: 5 estratégias para capacitar seus colaboradores – Play2Sell

Training that engages: an eBook with 5 strategies for you

Do you want to increase your company's sales and, thus, boost your results? Download the eBook How can you create training that engages - 5 strategies to increase the performance of your sales team and learn about various techniques to have a high-performance commercial team!

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Written by the CEO and founder of Play2sell, Felipe dos Santos, the eBook features five strategies that will help increase the productivity of your sales team and, as a result, will make your employees more prepared.

Engaging the salesforce is a big challenge for managers. After all, day-to-day work is quite stressful, everyone needs to achieve goals and it is not always easy to deal with customers. However, it is possible to change this scenario by training and qualifying team professionals.

Therefore, the eBook shows the main trends in sales training,, which are different from traditional methods and seek, through innovation and dynamism, to attract more attention from participants.

Not that traditional trainings - with speakers and slide shows - are not efficient, but depending on which audience will participate, it may be better to invest in more dynamic and lively training.

Engaging trainings generate more results

The main objective is to come up with ideas on how to make the team bring even better results and increase sales.For this, it is indisputable that professionals need to be prepared, both in terms of the market and customer service and in terms of the products and services that the company offers.

As such, the eBook provides a practical and detailed way of applying each of the five strategies to train the salesforce and get them ready to serve customers and close big deals.

And these trends really work. Felipe dos Santos has already applied it to his clients and points out that 98% of them stated that they learned more with these methods than with traditional training.

This is precisely the path: innovating, doing things differently. It's a very effective way to get the participants' attention and make them retain the provided information.

Do you want to know what these trends are and how you can apply them in your company? Download the free eBook How can you create training that engages - 5 strategies to increase the performance of your sales team now and point your management to a new direction!

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