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Como montar uma capacitação em vendas eficiente para sua empresa? – Play2Sell

How can you build an efficient sales training process for your company?

Treinamento para vendedores

A good sales training is one that achieves its goals and makes professionals more prepared, engaged and motivated. After all, the focus is enabling sales professionals to be successful at their jobs, advancing in their careers while transmitting more confidence to customers.

In addition, it is essential to look at the numbers after a training process in order to ensure the delivery of increased sales conversions and, as a consequence, continued company growth.

Capacitação em vendas

But how can we make sales training effective?

If you've chosen to promote

in your company, congratulations! It's a great starting point towards enabling your team to meet their goals and become more efficient in their services.

But before we can start training, we need to follow a few steps. It is not enough to simply put your employees in a room with a teacher speaking. We need to define a few details and answer the following questions:

What are the objectives?

First of all, why does the company need sales training? To increase sales? To introduce new products? To introduce new tools or new processes within the work environment?

You must set the objectives you plan to achieve throughout this training so that everyone knows the direction the team needs to follow, allowing the training process to be welcomed by the participants.

What is the most suitable format?

There are several options for those looking for efficient sales training.

is a growing format, that is, transforming the training process into a game with scores, winners and awards. This is very interesting for those who wish to innovate and provide a more attractive training process to their employees.

Consider the profile of the team to be trained, the content to be propagated and the time you can spend on this training. Traditional training in the form of lectures may not be the most appropriate if you want participants to always learn more, since this type of training can become tedious and tiring. The ideal approach could be to look for more dynamic and practical types of training.

Will there be an award for the achieved goal?

This is an interesting strategy to motivate and engage professionals participating in sales training. We already know that there are incentive policies based on the number of sold products or reached amounts, but what if you set goals to be achieved in training as well?

Awards for those who answer more questions, for those who complete a mission, for those who demonstrate more knowledge. These are a few options that you can use in training processes and that will promote healthy and fun competition, in addition to attracting even more attention from the participants.

How and when will the results be measured?

Cool, everyone participated, approved and learned a lot. But, at the end of the event, it is necessary to measure how decisive this sales training was towards achieving the objectives.

Has there been an increase in sales conversions? Have customer satisfaction rates gone up? Did the salesforce make a greater number of contacts? These and other results need to be analyzed within a certain period of time after the end of the training. This will allow you to know how much your time and money investment was worth in this sales training process.

By following these steps, the chances of having a successful sales training process will greatly increase. And remember: the more prepared your salesforce is, the more your customers will buy and be satisfied.

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