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3 dicas para gerar leads no mercado imobiliário – Blog Play2Sell

3 tips to generate leads in the real estate market

como gerar leads imobiliário

For those looking to do business in the real estate market, generating leads is the main key. This strategy allows the realtor to understand the client's profile and know how to conduct the negotiation.

Given the strong competition, when you create a strategy, you invest your time in customers with buying potential.

With that in mind, we've set out 5 tips to generate leads in the real estate market and increase sales!

1. Know the profile of your leads

Customers have different characteristics, behaviors and personalities, all of which influence the choice of property. So, knowing this is critical in order to offer them what they need and to prepare an efficient approach.

Therefore, you need to know the customers, your target audience. What social class do they belong to? What's their income range, where? The more you know who you want to reach, the easier it will be to generate valuable content.

You can assess this information looking at your history of best customers and finding their common interests and circumstances.

2. Know what the lead is looking for

Considering that each lead can look for different things in the real estate market, you need to dig deeper into each profile's buying interests. Therefore, gather information that will help you identify details, such as whether they want to rent or buy, how much they intend to invest and what they consider a good property.

Also, the more you understand your lead's needs, the easier it'll be to provide a personalized service. This way, you're able to put the customer at ease and demonstrate care and transparency during negotiations.

3. Invest in digital channels

A great way to attract leads in the real estate market is to use digital channel resources, such as an ad portal, a blog or even social networks. For example, you can create paid ad strategies to promote your properties to target audiences looking for something similar, also gathering data from the users. 

As for professional websites, you can invite users to get in touch and even offer a few baits. It's even easier with integrated portals, since you can generate leads through publications in the real estate market. In practice, this type of channel attracts potential customers and connects them directly to the real estate agents or agencies via contact information.

With Imovelweb, you have all the tools you need to capture a lead, not to mention all the benefits the portal offers you!

Now that you know about these steps to increase your sales, how about taking a look at our portal? Don't waste time and put these tips into practice!

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