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Incentive marketing vs. gamified training: what are the differences?

Incentive marketing vs. gamified training: what are the differences?

Gamified training and incentive marketing. Two new methods that are hot on the market. After all, both seek to engage employees and, of course, every company wants its employees to work motivated. But, although these two concepts have similarities, they also have some relevant differences.

n this article we will show you the differences between gamified training and incentive marketing.The idea is not to bash any method, but to present them more clearly for you.

Marketing de incentivo X Treinamento gamificado

What is incentive marketing?

Retention and engagement are two common terms in marketing. However, incentive marketing works on these concepts internally, that is, it seeks to retain and engage employees.

In a more direct and practical way: incentive marketing is a set of actions that seeks to encourage and engage employees, in order to improve their performance at work.

The idea is to go beyond wages, bonuses and benefits. It is really rewarding when employees achieve a goal. It generates a greater appreciation for this employee who stood out during in a certain period.

Why is gamified training different?

Gamified training also engages and motivates employees, but it has a great difference with regards to incentive marketing: it also teaches employees about products and services and about and the company itself.


This is a way for the worker to combine work and play, because, in addition to training employees, the company can offer prizes to the winners with higher ranking

Gamified training differs from conventional training because it is more fun and promotes healthy competition among employees, which will certainly improve the company's organizational climate.

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