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Treinamentos gamificados para vendedores: quais os impactos? – Play2Sell

Gamified training for salespeople: what are its impacts?

Technology brings countless benefits to us, both as consumers and as sellers. But, at the same time, it poses challenges for those who want to prepare sales professionals. The good news is that we have interesting ways to overcome these adversities, such as qualification through gamified training.


So, let's quickly explain how much this training format it can be decisive for the success of your company and your team. Check out:

Technological evolution and the consumer era

When we think about the impact that technology has provided us, we immediately think about the benefits of having powerful tools at our disposal. Thanks to smartphones and internet access, before we buy any products, we can search in forums and review sites and choose between the brand or model that best suits us. Then we can filter for the best prices, with all kinds of comparisons on specialized websites or applications.

Surveys show that more than 77% of buyers do not talk to sales people before doing their homework first. We are, therefore, in the age of the consumer.

Treinamentos gamificados na era do consumidor

Fonte: Forrester

Why train sales teams?

If, on the one hand, as a customer, we enjoy the benefits of the consumer era, on the other, as sales professionals, are always challenged to offer a better service and continue to have a good sales performance. In this sense, training has become vital.We often have situations where buyers have more information than sellers. Who has never gone through this experience?

Traditional training

The form of traditional training is the first alternative that comes to managers' minds. Bringing the team together, whether in person or by videoconference and sharing knowledge seems to be the fastest, most practical and "inexpensive" way to empower the team.

This traditional model was created in the industrial revolution to train factory workers. It uses the expository method, where a person makes a presentation, and the team watches passively. Because there is no interaction, the process has low effectiveness. And in the end the feeling employees do never reach their goals.

Online training platforms:

As an alternative to traditional training, online training platforms have emerged. There are basically 3 types:

  • LMS;
  • EAD;
  • Gamification.

In the article How to choose an online training platform? we talked a little more about the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.

Gamified training for salespeople:

Gamified trainings are preferred by employees. In the article I wrote about the Corporate training gamification we have a survey that shows that 83% of employees prefer gamified to non-gamified training. If this number is impressive, imagine if we were to think about the preferences of the sales teams?

Salespeople love to compete. Rankings are already part of the daily routine of sales professionals. Therefore, Gamified training has become the best alternative to train salespeople.

Gamification turns learning into a fun and engaging journey, creating a healthy competition among salespeople.


A Gamified training case among real estate salespeople

There are some interesting facts in training data that links games and sales results. Below is an example of Graal Engenharia, a developer and construction company that is awarded and recognized for its quality. In the video, Cristina talks about the sales success of the broker team after using a gamified training platform for her commercial team.

A very interesting fact is that the first 10 brokers in the game's ranking sold 70% of the total PSV (general sales value) of that specific product. A very strong correlation between training and sales results. 10 primeiros corretores do ranking do game venderam 70% do total do VGV (valor geral de vendas) do produto. Uma correlação muito forte entre capacitação X resultados em vendas.

If you want to know more about how you can use gamified training to empower your sales team, contact us

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