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CASE: Gamification improves realtor training.

CASE: Gamification improves realtor training.

Capacitação dos corretores de imóveis

One application that uses game and storytelling techniques was decisive for the training of Yuny Store realtors.

Every company needs to sell and to achieve better results. In order to reach this goal, it is necessary to offer efficient tools so that sales teams can leverage their strengths. One of the ways it can do that is through training, which makes salespeople more qualified and more assertive, allowing them to convert more.

However, the traditional training formula - which takes salespeople out of their working routine and places them in a room to watch a monotonous lecture no longer engages. During these activities most people keep checking messages on their cell phones. And, what is more, after the training ends it is not possible to measure what has been learned. In addition, a few days after the training, most of the training information has already been forgotten.

In the real estate market, this is even worse. The current average conversion rate for sales is just 1%. Real estate managers and developers say they lose a lot of business opportunities due to low qualification of real estate agents. Real estate agents need to know all the specifics of the developments and be better trained in sales, service and negotiation techniques, among other topics.

Training real estate agents through gamification:

For this reason, the sector has increasingly invested in the so-called gamificationgamification which means using game techniques applied to an activity. That's what house da Yuny Incorporadora, the commercial arm of Yuny Incorporadora used. They hired Play2sell, which offers a mobile app to train brokers through a game.

Complex contents and complex techniques are presented gently with of stories and brokers' knowledge is tested through quizzes and other game mechanics. This promotes a healthy competition among the brokers.

In addition, with this solution, Yuny was able to develop a more robust sales force and a stronger incentive program. Also, the game's top performers can include their points in their PSV (overall sales value calculation) and thus earn prizes.

For Alessandro Tessicini, sales director at Yuny Store, the use of gamification was very important. “We had a noticeable improvement in the qualification issue. There was a training gap and the gamification techniques helped a lot”, he says.

He explains that the solution brought by Play2Sell increased the company's sales results significantly. “Our last launch was the Grand Habitarte. It exceeded all sales expectations. The use of gamification certainly helped a lot, because people were very engaged, Play2sell team was excellent”, he says.

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