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What is a gamification platform and what are its advantages?

What is a gamification platform and what are its advantages?

Plataforma de gamificação

Understand more about gamification platforms and get to know what benefits it can bring to your sales training!

According to a

According to a Gallup survey, 66% of American workers are not engaged at work. The survey carried out in 2018 also shows that 13% of these are "actively disengaged". Of course, the very low level of engagement among the workforce, a mere 34%, does not only affect workers. Unmotivated employees can consequently affect customer experience and company's results.

The data shows that companies need to create new methods to motivate their employees. In this sense, one of the main alternatives is the use of gamified platforms to increase engagement, decrease turnover and empower teams.

turnover e capacitar os times.

But what is gamification, after all?

It is nothing more than using the mechanisms of games in other contexts for a specific purpose. In the video below you can watch an experiment by Volkswagen, where they adapted a sound equipment for a trash can. When an object was thrown in the trash it made an interesting sound. As a result, 72kg of garbage was collected in one day, which represented 41kg more than the average of nearby dumps.

Through this simple experiment it can be seen that the

it is very powerful in stimulating and changing people's habits.

If gamification is the use of game elements in other contexts, what is a gamified platform?

Gamified platforms are software that were developed by game designers allowing companies to achieve their goals. They have elements of games to put employees in an engaging and contagious journey. Below are two examples of goals that can be achieved with gamified platforms:

  • Decrease in the index of turnover. In addition to the loss of talent and the impacts on the organization's climate, high rates of turnover impact on high costs in recruitment and selection, as well as in qualification and training. High employee turnover rates can have many causes, from low salaries to problems in company management. To mitigate this problem, gamification can help. Starting with a more assertive and precise selection process, going through healthy competitions that increase the involvement and results of the team.
  • Increase engagement and effectiveness in corporate training. I once heard that a company cannot grow faster than the speed it can train its professionals. In effect, a well-trained professional ends up with superior productivity. In the article corporate training gamification, you can understand a little more about the advantages of gamification in company training.

Gamified platforms are designed according to the purpose for which they are intended. Therefore, when searching for a solution, look for consolidated platforms in the market, which preferably already have successful cases with other clients in the same segment as yours.

It is not enough to implement a gamification platform

A point of attention here. Do not believe that it is enough to implement a gamification platform to solve engagement issues generated by structural problems in the company. If your company has:

  • Favoritism;
  • Distrust regarding the leader;
  • Absence of growth opportunities;
  • Low wages;
  • Lack of transparency;
  • Conflicts.

The lack of employee motivation can have deeper roots. In this scenario, no gamified platform will magically solve these issues. Therefore, if you find in your organization more than one of the items above, try to develop policies for to adjust before the implementation of any gamified platform.

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