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How gamification increases sales team results?

How gamification increases sales team results?

Gamificação aumenta as vendas

Gamification - which comes from the word game - is a technique that uses elements of games in other activities to increase motivation. Research published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience showed the effects of games on the brain. One of the found benefits was the high degree of attention that people maintained in comparison to other media.

For this reason, the use of gamification has become a major trend. The study by the Institute of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers predicts that, by the year 2020, about 85% of everyday activities will have elements of games.

Why invest in sales gamification?

In Brazil, several segments are already using gamification in sales in certain tasks to increase engagement. And the return was very positive. FGV data show that the technique can increase up to 40% on productivity of teams. Large companies like Microsoft and Gerdau have already adopted it.

One of the main uses of Gamification is in sales training for teams. Elements of games such as competition,

(the story behind the game) and prizes are some of the features that most engage and entertain.

According to the anthropologist Johan Huizinga's theory, man is a naturally playful being and games have become a very strong cultural element. People are much more encouraged by challenges and rewards, some of the main ingredients of the games, than by punishments.

In addition, games are fun and provide intrinsic motivation and continuous stimuli, such as the achievement of a goal and the pleasure after continuously wins.

One of the most famous apps that uses game elements for learning is Duolingo, an app for learning other languages. But there are several other cases. The technology giant Google itself has launched an app called Primer to teach lessons on digital marketing and entrepreneurship using cards and quizzes.

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