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Gamification among companies: what are the benefits of gamification?

Gamification among companies: what are the benefits of gamification?

gamification in companies

Gamification in companies has been growing rapidly and this art of turning complex content into playful games fascinates professionals and curious people all over the world. After all, several giants of the corporate market have already proved the The benefits of gamification, which lead more and more companies to adopt gamification in their daily lives.

Gamificação nas empresas

What is corporate gamification?

Using techniques and mechanics of analog and virtual games to solve problems or making training content more fun and attractive. Gamification in companies has become a tool capable of promoting new solutions to old problems.

What can gamification in companies achieve?

Gamification in companies reduces the bureaucracy of processes transforming challenges into interactive games.
Using games techniques and mechanics of object-oriented thinking allows companies to:

  • Perform internal marketing actions;
  • Engage customers;
  • Engage customers;
  • Conquer new leads;
  • Improve the organizational climate;
  • De-bureaucratize processes.

Gamification in strategic marketing

The solutions that emerge with digital marketing to improve brand visibility or even customer engagement are really interesting.

Markets evolve dynamically and those who are stuck with old methods are forced to reinvent themselves, that's where gamification in companies can be an ally.

Companies like Nike, have been gaining loyal customers with the growth on the adoption of its ap. In the Play Store alone in early 2020, the “Nike Run Club” app already had more than 10 million downloads.

Like Nike, several other companies have bet on gamification to engage users. The benefits of gamification in companies go far beyond customer engagement. Domino's Pizza, used gamification to teach about the new menu to its employees.

Using gamification in internal marketing makes it possible to: gamificação no endomarketing, viabilizando:

  • Integrar a los nuevos empleados en las políticas y misiones de la empresa;
  • promote rewards linked to training and goals;
  • make employees multipliers of the brand philosophy.

Gamification of training

Through gamification in companies it is possible to reduce the amount of red tape and make the same information accessible to different audiences in a simple and relaxed way, thus providing an emotional and intellectual experience.
The gamificação dos treinamentos torna viável:

  • teach employees the steps of fundamental processes;
  • train sales teams on products and services;
  • engage unmotivated teams.

Gamification statistics in companies

Corporate gamification is one of the most effective ways to increase employee motivation.

The use of strategies as rewards, as well as recognition and achievements are essential to ensure the satisfaction of its employees.

According to TalentLMS, research on business gamification resulted in:

  • Gamification makes employees feel more productive (89%) and happier (88%) at work;
  • A unos 33% le gustaría tener más funciones similares a un juego en el software de capacitación de sus empleados;
  • 83% of employees who receive gamified training feel motivated,
  • 61% of those who receive non-gamified training feel bored and unproductive;
  • 89% believe they would be more productive if their work was more gamified.

Games that improve sales performance

The gamification in companies Gamification in companies that focused on sales performance is still a novelty for some. However, Play2sell has been operating in the Brazilian market for 2 years and has shown what gamification is capable of:

  1. Conquering more successful cases with its games for training commercial teams and missions integrated with CRMs
  2. Delivering to the customer a completely personalized content including:
    • Exclusive challenges;
    • Engaging missions;
    • Real-time rankings;
    • Award systems;
    • Evaluation metrics and others.
  3. Companies use gamification in order to deal with objections, prepare new comers, engage the team and provide fun training. This way the company makes it possible to manage and motivate the sales and customer service teams in an engaging way.

Want to know how you can use gamification to boost sales in your company?



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