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Corporate gamification: 4 benefits for your sales team

Corporate gamification: 4 benefits for your sales team

Have you thought about improving your sales team's training engagement using a game?This can be done through corporate gamification, a strategy that seeks greater interaction and involvement between participants around a common goal.

This already happens in several companies that seek to innovate their processes, and it's brought positive results: greater training engagement, team empowerment and increased sales, to name a few. 

And to prove that corporate gamification in training makes a difference,check out 4 benefits this strategy can bring to your sales team.

Click here to learn more about gamification and why you should include this strategy in sales training. 

quer gamificar seus treinamentos

1. Corporate gamification encourages group learning

"Coming together is a good start, maintaining unity is progress, and working together is a victory." This quote by Henry Ford shows the importance of teamwork towards great achievements. Corporate gamification is a playful and fun way to encourage contacts and idea exchanges between the players in your sales team. They don't even need to be in the same environment, nor available at the same date and time. The communications are asynchronous, and interactions can take place via duels. 

Think how interesting it would be if your salesperson-in-training could challenge a colleague to a quiz about a particular product. This way, they're able to test their acquired knowledge, help each other and even earn points that can be exchanged for exclusive benefits. All this amidst the fun of a healthy competition. 

It's a very different learning scenario from the traditional one. If you want to encourage your team's integration by combining necessary knowledge with fun, this is your chance. And may the best win!

2. Corporate gamification makes content easier to understand

How many times have you found yourself sitting in a classroom, or even watching an online course, but with your head elsewhere? Don't blame yourself, it's a common situation in traditional learning. In a gamified training, it's possible to include a series of practical stimuli that help assimilating content. 

Each student follows their own learning pace, having their knowledge constantly tested through fun and intelligent challenges. This helps internalizing the subject and removing any doubts or misinterpretations.

The explanations demanded by each situation are instantaneously provided, either as a complement to the correct answer or as more detailed guidelines for those facing difficult levels. 

In the end, what really counts is the actual learning. And when it comes with a fun challenge, assimilation is much higher. By sitting down with the customer, the salesperson will have gaming elements in mind and will use them to win their final battle and get the biggest reward: closing the sale. 

3. Corporate gamification promotes healthy competition

It's quite true that sales teams are constantly demanded on their goals. It's something they're used to, but it can often lead to heavier competition. Corporate gamification helps lightening the battles, putting an end to any potential negative personal feelings between players.

And this happens because when applied to sales teams training, gamification doesn't reward only one employee for their performance. The idea of gamified training is to enable cooperation as an effective way to complete challenges. This makes the team learn and grow together, using competition as a stimulus to do better and better. 

4. Corporate gamification gives rewards and prizes

Sellers naturally like competition. And, above all, winning. A survey by Instituto Locomotiva, in a partnership with LTM, indicated that 80% of workers believe that award programs greatly encourage productivity, improvements, and a feeling of recognition in the work environment.

Victories in gamified training can bring rewards that will encourage your team to learn more. Recognition can be either individual – such as being the first to reach a certain stage – or collective, when the award depends on the performance of the entire team. Either way, everyone wins, and collective effort is constantly encouraged.

Gamification in practice

Agora que você já conhece os benefícios da gamificação corporativa em equipe de vendas, por que não inovar nos treinamentos da sua empresa?

Click here e fale com um de nossos especialistas em gamificação. Eles estão prontos para te atender e ajudar a implantar melhorias no processo de treinamento da sua equipe de vendas.

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