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How the Play2sell game can train your team of brokers to sell more?

How the Play2sell game can train your team of brokers to sell more?

Como o game da Play2sell ajuda nas vendas

See how the Play2sell game helps train realtors and increase sales and conversion rates! Everyone wants to

, but few really know how to do that. Most companies are investing in advertising and other tricks, but when you look at your sales team, what you notice they are not prepared.

In the real estate market this is even worse. So much so that the conversion rates in this sector are around just 1%. We know that a person who became unemployed at some point in his life and ended up “accepting” this routine is tiring. So while he is not able to relocate he decides to work as a real estate agent. And then they end up staying. This means that most are not really prepared for the profession. And the day to day is pretty busy, with little time for training. Game da Play2sell ajuda na conversão em vendas

And the situation only gets worse because, with the internet, consumers do a lot of previous research and are well informed. Often when contacting the broker, the prospective client already has more data than him.

Selling more growth actions require a lot of effort. But to get there it is essential to qualify the workforce. That's where training comes in.

The problem is that traditional training solutions no longer engage: most employees simply do not show up or stay on their cell phones answering WhatsApp messages or procrastinating on social networks instead of focusing on the training itself. In addition, traditional training has no continuity, people end up forgetting the content. And as a result of this, managers pretend everything is fine.

Not to mention that, to carry out a training in a room, it is necessary to take everyone out of the workplace. And also, it is not possible to measure whether they really learned or not. A waste of time and money on an outdated model created hundreds of years ago and which urgently needs to be updated.

With the Play2sell game your team will be more prepared

The Play2Sell app was created to solve this problem. Our app offers mobile training with gamification, allowing the brokers to get training whenever and wherever he wants. Leveraging game techniques and incentive programs, we keep brokers engaged with fun dynamics and with the possibility of winning real prizes and visibility among colleagues.

It is possible to teach real estate agents the with diverse subjects: from product details (real estate and developments) to customer service, sales techniques, NLP negotiation (neuro linguistic programming), focus, real estate financing, social media marketing and much more.

Finally, with the app, agent managers have in their hands the metrics of use and performance, understanding who is really learning and training.

To learn more, contact us and schedule a demo.

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