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Inteligência emocional nas vendas: como utilizá-la para conquistar os clientes – Play2Sell

Emotional intelligence in sales: how to use it to get customers

Inteligência emocional nas vendas

Have you ever heard of emotional intelligence in sales? If you have, you know how much this concept is currently growing in the market. If you don't know what it is, you may be losing a strong ally towards


After all, emotional sales intelligence is a skill that helps the salesforce making decisions, both for themselves and their interlocutors. This way, one can understand their own feelings and the feelings of other people, and know how to deal with those emotions.

In this article, we will explain what this is and how to use emotional intelligence in sales, providing a few tips for you to insert this concept into your professional life.

What is emotional intelligence?

The Emotional intelligence is a concept in psychology that points out how individuals can be able to identify their feelings and emotions more easily and, thus, know how to deal with them more clearly, consciously and intelligently.

A person who has emotional intelligence, in addition to understanding more about what they feel, is also able to deal with other people's feelings in a more empathetic and understanding way.

This concept has been used in several areas, including in professional life. It's an approach towards treating adverse situations in a different way, helping one understand situations more calmly and make more assertive decisions.

How can you use emotional intelligence in sales?

When talking about emotional intelligence in sales, we consider that this skill is useful for the salesperson's persuasion towards the customer. Having control over your own feelings is critical when approaching a consumer and closing the sale.

If a person cannot control their feelings, they have a harder time concluding the negotiation, given that objections, lack of customer security, among other setbacks, may arise.

And it is precisely in these situations that emotional intelligence in sales is decisive. Having complete control of your emotions is essential for you to lead the negotiation, being one step ahead and guaranteeing the sale.

quer gamificar seus treinamentos

4 tips for using emotional intelligence in sales:

Of course, in order to develop your emotional intelligence, you need to go after new knowledge. Courses, lectures, books, among other means, are essential for you to learn the best techniques and develop this new skill.

In addition, we'll also offer a few tips for you to start using emotional intelligence in sales:

1 - Have a good initial conversation

Body language is very important for this first item. linguagem corporal Therefore, welcome your customer with a smile, be attentive and try to be pleasant with them.

Show them you are interested in what they have to say and that you will do your best to serve them in the best possible way.

2 - Have empathy

When knowing what the customer is looking for, be empathetic and understand if it is really what they need. This conveys the impression that you don't just want to sell, but to satisfy their needs.

The same empathetic behavior must be exercised when complaints arise. The best thing to do is to put yourself in the customer's shoes: would you be bothered if that situation happened to you? Therefore, try to understand the consumer's pain and show them you will solve the issue as soon as possible.

3 - Demonstrate knowledge

Showing your interlocutor that you master the topic in question is an excellent way to convey security and confidence. Therefore, demonstrate your knowledge and take control of the situation.

But of course, do it without sounding arrogant, as this can end up being detrimental in the negotiation. Try to demonstrate humility, even if you are an expert on the subject.

4 - Get to know your strengths and weaknesses

When performing a self-analysis, you will understand the points in which you stand out and what you need to improve. When you don't have confidence in yourself, the chances of demonstrating insecurity are high, so try to improve on what you consider a weakness.

Don't forget: no one knows everything, but you're always able to learn. So, go after what will make you evolve in your professional and even your personal life.

Start the game

Ter inteligência emocional é um dos fatores mais importantes nas vendas, mas quando o vendedor está devidamente capacitado é possível ir ainda mais longe.

Inovar nos treinamentos com gamificação é uma solução para ser eficaz na hora de capacitar os vendedores. Treninamentos gamificados otimizam o processo de aprendizagem e também ajudam a motivar e unir as equipes, tornando o ambiente de trabalho mais descontraído e, por consequência, melhorando os resultados do time.

Quer saber mais sobre como a gamificação pode transformar a sua equipe de vendas? 

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