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O que é Customer Success e como essa área pode transformar sua empresa – Play2Sell

What is Customer Success and how can this transform your company

Customer Success

Do you know what Customer Success is? Have you heard about this field? Do you know the importance of this type of monitoring for your company?

Customer Success is a term that is on the rise in the current market, but it goes far beyond customer service and support: it is also about how your customer experience develops.

In this article, we will explain Customer Success and demonstrate how this area can significantly transform your company.

What is Customer Success?

The name expresses precisely what this field is about: it is responsible for monitoring the customer in the after salesprocess, aiming to making sure that they have a good experience with the product, the service and the company.

The purpose of this monitoring is to increase customer loyalty and retention, which generates new business.In addition, when satisfied with the service they received, customers can become promoters of the company, referring it to friends and family.

Offering a more personalized service and prioritizing a good experience is fundamental towards increasing sales and a good differential in an increasingly competitive market.

What are the benefits of having a Customer Success department?

Investing on this field brings several advantages for the company and its customers. Check out some of the benefits:

1 - Loyalty and retention

As already mentioned, a well-served customer tends to be loyal and, very likely, will return to consuming the company's products. Therefore, delight these consumers and retaining them are some of the main goals of Customer Success.

With this in mind, the field expert must know the company's products and services very well and, above all, know the client's tastes and preferences. Thus, you'll be able to provide a good customer experience and satisfy all their needs.

2 - Customer support

First of all, do not interpret this as the general customer service. The idea is to go deeper into customer service, not only listening to complaints. In this case, Customer Success will seek a differentiated, quick support, focused on solving problems.

Therefore, the professional must listen carefully to the client's needs at that moment, understanding what caused the specific issue and committing to avoiding it as much as possible again.

When seeing that the company was concerned and set out to solve their complaints, the customer will feel more satisfied and respected, which can increase his trust on your organization.

3 - Improvements

This field is also capable of enabling company improvements, as it is always keeping an eye on what happens in the market and aware of the client's tastes and needs. This way, Customer Success can promote a real revolution in the most positive sense of the word.

The field expert must not only solve problems, but also anticipate them. That is, prepare the company for possible issues and work towards avoiding them. Thus, the company is always positioned to win, since it's prepared for the obstacles to come.

4 - Keeping an eye on the market

This field is also always attentive to market trends, being responsible for tracking what is on the rise and looking for ways to implement trends in the company, always aiming towards customer satisfaction. satisfação do cliente.

This is a way to keep the company up to date and in line with consumer requirements. It is also important not to fall behind the competition and to put yourself in a prominent place.


Betting on an expert Customer Success professional can make all the difference in your company, not only because they are focused on customer satisfaction, but because they'll bring several benefits to your organization.

If you want to keep your business growing, it may be time to invest in this field. And why not start now?

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