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3 tips to improve customer acquisition in the real estate market

3 tips to improve customer acquisition in the real estate market

Captação de clientes

Con la alta competitividad en el real estate market , es de suma importancia que el profesional del sector esté al tanto de las varias oportunidades para tener un mejor desempeño en la venta o alquiler de propiedades.

Saber diferenciarse de los demás no es fácil, pero tampoco es una tarea difícil. En este contenido, lo ayudaremos a expandir la captación de clientes en el mercado inmobiliario. Échale un vistazo ahora.


Having a website is one of the most important tools to get around the competition, increase your market share and improve your customer acquisition performance. Online search engines such as Google, for example, are very commonly present in the day-to-day of users who are looking for property. Getting a website is about bringing accessibility, convenience and effectiveness to the real estate business.

Through the website, communications with realtors are much more efficient, and it can provide forms through which the lead can leave their information, such as name, email and phone number. It can also store all properties in stock, with their description, photos, and complete information, which translate into opportunities for those who are looking.

In order to have a successful website, it must have good browsability, responsiveness, and usability, such as: quickly loading photos and texts so that the content does not crash the user's device.

Social networks

In the real estate market, having a good digital marketing strategy in order to attract customers on social networks can make a big difference in monthly sales results. Real estate marketing is a huge realm, and that's why you need to be aligned with your target audience, although you can explore any and all media, such as: (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and the main one: the real estate portal – which is an essential tool in attracting customers).

Invest in real estate portals

A real estate portal is extremely important in your sales strategies because it guarantees that you reach your target audience, enabling better results and much faster and more effective negotiations.

Among the many real estate advertising portals in the market, we chose the one that stands out - Imovelweb, a portal with 22 years of market experience with more than 4 million advertisers, more than 25 million monthly visits and over 100 million page views. Just by looking at these numbers, you really can't question its results, right?

What differentiates you from other advertisers in your customer acquisition strategy? The quality of your ad. That's why it's extremely important that you include detailed ads, with short and objective descriptions, clear and professional photos, and a contact number through which the user can make an assertive contact.

In addition to advertisements, Imovelweb also offers a media package to further enhance your product - your brand at the portal, e.g.: brand banners at the portal's top, middle and bottom sections, segmented email marketing, among other products.

captação de clientes

Imovelweb, in addition to being an online real estate portal for attracting customers, also deliver the best experience of buying, selling or renting a property, from the very beginning to the after-sales process, and everything happens through real estate solutions, helping users both users who looking for an ideal property, and you, the advertiser.

The portal offers real estate financing, surety bonds, secured credit, real estate consortium, personal loans and much more, all through their platform and without bureaucracy, so your client no longer needs to go from bank to bank looking for credit; they do everything. And all this is very helpful for your sales process.

Very cool, isn't it? How about starting to advertise with them? Click here and don't miss the opportunity to place your properties in one of the biggest real estate portals on the Internet.

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