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Como usar o storytelling para vendas

Desde crianças, as histórias fazem parte das nossas vidas de uma maneira muito constante. Basta pensar nas professoras contando histórias, nos desenhos animados na televisão

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Indicadores de vendas

What are the main sales indicators?

If you work in sales, either as a leader or as a salesperson, you've probably heard of KPIs, an English acronym that stands for Key Performance Indicators. Sales indicators are essential to monitor your company's

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Gestão de vendas

10 tips for an effective sales management

Everyone who owns or works on a sales team is used to hearing that effective sales management is what actually sells. However, it' necessary to go through an entire process to reach this goal, since selling is not that easy.

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Gamified training for salespeople: what are its impacts?

Technology brings countless benefits to us, both as consumers and as sellers. But, at the same time, it poses challenges for those who want to prepare sales professionals. The good news is that we have interesting ways to overcome these adversities, such as qualification through gamified training.

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