100% sold enterprise: how Graal Engenharia was successful in selling real estate during the pandemic

The Graal Engenharia Graal Engenharia is a construction company with over 15 years in the market. According to Cristina Graziani, architect and head of marketing at Graal, a venda de imóveis na pandemia foi facilitada com a gamificação da Play2sell.

Play2sell, the first sales gamification platform in Brazil, partnered with Graal and designed a gamified training for realtors. As a result, the salesforce improved its engagement, time management, product knowledge and much more.

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The problem: how's real estate being sold in the pandemic?

The pandemic has brought a surprising surge in real estate. Despite the challenges, such as the impossibility of visiting properties, a survey by Homer in September 2020 confirmed the surge, with 60% of realtors believing business will pick up in the coming months.

Proved the warming, with 60% of brokers believing that there will be an improvement in business in the coming months.

However, in the beginning of the pandemic, due to social distancing measures, the challenges were faced by the realtors themselves when it was time to negotiate. That's what happened with Graal Engenharia. In face-to-face sales, you can have a director or coordinator at your side, assisting the realtor in the process. During the pandemic, sales need to be partially or fully online, which brought up a need: realtors need to have full knowledge of the product so that the sales process can occur in the best possible way.

Even with a heated market, realtors felt that they lacked control over the information, which would enable them sell without needing a manager at their side.

The solution: gamified realtor training

With a new type of enterprise on the market, Graal launched the high-end Minha Casa Minha Vida [My Home My Life] project. The product is innovative, but a positive sales result would only be possible if the perceived pains were solved: how can you train realtors in a simple and fast way and guarantee real estate sales in the pandemic? como ensinar os corretores de forma simples e rápida para garantir a venda de imóveis na pandemia?

As a way to innovate and motivate these realtors, Graal contacted Play2sell for a partnership that would solve these problems. Play2sell's gamified training focused not only on real estate sales, but also and mainly on realtor development.

Gamification benefited the team in a way that realtors began to understand how the real estate sales work in the pandemic and how to better deal with customers, while also learning about the product itself in a pleasant and fun way. And that's exactly what Graal wants for its employees.

, além de aprender sobre o próprio produto de uma maneira gostosa e divertida. E é exatamente isso que a Graal visa para os colaboradores.

To Graal, Play2sell was a way to motivate realtors. Play2sell GO gives prizes within the game, but for Cristina, this was just one of the many motivational tools in the app. In her opinion, the game teaches without "whipping". She explains: managers often want employees to learn, but they're abrupt about it, saying "you have to learn this, take this material, read it!"

It's clear that traditional teaching is faulty and doesn't have visible performance results. With gamification and the Play2sell GO app, the realtors can learn by playing, enjoying the process and understanding how the company's products and services work. It was by really believing in the Play2sell game that Graal got their results in practice!

, gostando do processo e entendendo como funcionam os produtos e serviços da empresa. Foi acreditando muito no game da Play2sell que a Graal conseguiu resultados na prática!

The result

The new high-end Minha Casa Minha Vida product was a tremendous success! In just two days, gamification-trained realtors sold 90% of the product, reaching 100% sold in only one week!

Other than the digital sales process, the game also brought the realtors digital content, making them familiar with the changes in real estate sales during the pandemic. que se familiarizou com as diferenças da venda de imóveis na pandemia.

Mas não foi apenas nas vendas que a Graal percebeu resultados positivos. Com a gamificação, os corretores demonstraram domínio das informações, como localização, os diferenciais da marca, os tipos de deficiência para se trabalhar, além das várias fases ao longo do processo. 

What about now, since the new product has been sold out?

With the successful launch of the new product, Graal Engenharia wants to continue its gamified training. To them, it's essential that realtors start selling any company products with all information in hand.

In addition, there are several other important sales information: how to behave, how to dress, how to speak, how to create a more presentable profile, how to write in a more interesting way, among others. Games can be used for different purposes, and anyone who's tried is living proof: they work! informações importantes para as vendas

Graal specialists believe that Play2sell's gamified training content led realtors to understand that the market has changed. That's why it's important to "mold" these collaborators for this new market, understanding its differences and what can be done to increase real estate sales in the pandemic. o que se pode fazer para aumentar a venda de imóveis na pandemia.

Graal believes in these brokers, and this investment is being made with them in mind. Now, Graal believes that Play2sell's game can help them in every new enterprise due to its incredibly successful launch.

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As you noticed, gamification not only guarantees results in product sales, but also educates, engages and motivates teams!

Gamified training is a practical and fun method to train your employees on any subject, ensuring fun, interactions and rewards while they learn.

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