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How to use body language to sell more

How to use body language to sell more

Linguagem corporal adequada para vender mais

Body language is something that few still care about, but that can be decisive when acquiring a customer. Imagine the following situation: you arrive at a restaurant and the hostess greets you with a frown, arms crossed and talks to you without looking at your face. How would you feel?

Well, proper body language is something that needs attention. This turns out to be, on many occasions, the first impression that the consumer has towards the business.

In order to help you put your body language to good use and increase your chances of making sales and retaining customers, we offer a few guidelines:

Body language: 6 tips for proper use

First of all, understand that most of your body's inappropriate expressions are due to lack of security and/or being nervous. Therefore, it is important that you and your team are well prepared to serve a customer. Invest in training and make sure everyone is trained to offer your products and services with quality customer care.

1 - Smile (but spontaneously)

Welcoming people with a smile demonstrates your willingness to serve the customer. However, be careful not to look fake, as it is almost always clear when someone is not smiling willingly.

Linguagem corporal e sorriso

Furthermore, it is a sign of respect and politeness when you receive a person and smile while talking to them. But of course, smile at the right time, as it can be unpleasant to smile at a more tense moment, such as when the customer is complaining about something.

2 - The handshake must be firm

Are you greeting the customer? So, pay attention to your hands: extend your hand with your palm facing down to indicate that you are the one leading the conversation. Otherwise, if you put your palm up, you indicate that the person who dominates the conversation is the interlocutor.

However, it is always good to remember that in pandemic times it is not advisable to greet people with your hands. Take proper care and protect yourself to the maximum, okay?

3 - Watch your hands

It is often a daily habit, but avoid placing your hands on your hips or pockets when you have the possibility of getting a potential consumer.

Hands in the mouth or close to it - on the chin, lips or with objects covering it - should also be avoided, as experts point out that these are habits of people who are not speaking the truth.

4 - No crossing your arms

This guideline is used by all body language experts: avoid crossing your arms when talking to someone. This can demonstrate insecurity, discomfort or even an unwillingness to talk to someone.

Braços cruzados são inimigos da linguagem corporal

Try to find a neutral position for your arms, without moving them too much, but also without leaving them completely immobile.

5 - Look your interlocutor in the eyes

The look often says it all. Looking away when someone talks to you can indicate confusion, insecurity and lack of clarity in what you are talking about.

The ideal approach is to always look into the eyes of those who are talking to you, giving them confidence and making them understand that you are the right person for that moment.

6 - Speak calmly and slowly

Your tone of voice is critical in order to convey an assertive message. Therefore, speak calmly, with no rush, articulating each word and breathing calmly between sentences.

If you speak quickly and in an inappropriate tone of voice (too high or too low), you will probably convey that you are in a hurry, impatient and nervous, or uninterested.

7 - Your forehead also speaks

When talking to someone who is tense, doubtful or nervous, they will most likely wrinkle their foreheads. Hence, this is terrible when it comes to serving the customer.

Enrugar a testa é outro inimigo da linguagem corporal

So be careful with it and take a deep breath. Always try to stay calm in those moments. After all, you are the one who dominates the subject in question, aren't you?

8 - Move your head to the right sides

The way you move your head can be both positive and negative. When talking to a customer about positive aspects of the product, try to nod up and down - as if you are agreeing with what you say.

If you do the opposite - shaking it sideways as if you are disagreeing or saying "no" - you may project a notion that you don't believe in what you are saying.

These are just a few tips on how to make proper use of body language. But, of course, you can go even deeper by via courses, books and other materials.The main point is to learn and know how to behave with your own body!

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