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As principais características de um bom líder de vendas – Play2Sell

Main characteristics of a good sales leader

Líder de vendas

Leading a team is a job that requires a lot of dedication and knowledge, but the sales leader must also be empathetic, flexible and understanding. After all, in order to take on this position you need to deal with several different profiles of people.

In case you are looking for a sales leader or if you want to improve yourself to lead a quality team, we've brought the main characteristics this position should encompass.

What does it mean to be a sales leader?

A leader is a person who has the capacity and ability to manage people and teams with many different profiles. People have different personalities and knowing how to deal with them is essential for those leading the team.

In addition, it's the sales leader that guides the sales team towards achieving an objective. Whether selling more, better serving customers or finding new opportunities, the leader is the one who presents strategies and best ways to conquering a goal..

By having the team's respect, the sales leader becomes an important influence for the salesforce, as he has the knowledge and experience to lead the team towards success.

Main characteristics of a good sales leader

We've gathered here a few of the main characteristics that a good sales leader needs to have in order to achieve success in this position. Check it out:

1 - Knows how to deal with people

This first characteristic is fundamental, since the sales leader must deal with people of different personalities. There are people who are easier, who accept suggestions, who understand feedbacks, even when they're negative. And there are people who don't handle criticism well and get angry more easily. feedbacks, mesmo que sejam negativos. E tem gente que não lida bem com críticas e se irrita com mais facilidade.

Regardless, a good sales leader knows how to position himself and has a more conciliatory attitude, aiming at everyone's well-being and maintaining a good atmosphere within the team.

2 - Gives feedbacks

Every employee needs to know whether or not they are doing their jobs well within the company. After all, only then will they be able to improve their activities and correct flaws. Therefore, a sales leader must give frequent feedbacks k to his salesforce.

At this point, it is important to point out that the feedback, when negative, it must be given with some care, to do not demotivate the worker and for it to be something constructive, without exposing the professional to the team.

3 - Recognizes merits

When sellers duly fulfill their obligations and achieve good results and goals, they must be recognized by the sales leader. This is an excellent way to motivate the team and show how important each professional is for the company.

If possible, try to give out awards for those who stand out the most or achieve team goals. This attitude also increases employee motivation and engagement, in addition to enabling healthy competition amongst them.

4 - Is an example for the team

Good sales leaders need to be seen as a reference by the team, so they must be the greatest example of how to respect company processes, such as arriving on time, correctly filling in the CRM, serve customers properly, among others.

These are the attitudes that, however small they may seem, make all the difference and help earning the team's respect.

5 - Makes good decisions

This is a mixture of knowledge, wisdom and experience: making decisions is not a simple task, but by combining these three factors, the sales leader can be more assertive and follow the best paths.

In addition, decision-making does not have to be in line with what the leader thinks. The employees themselves, with the experiences they certainly have, can help with suggestions.

6 - Continues to update

No matter how much knowledge and experience the sales leader has, it is essential to take into account that the market always tends to evolve. Therefore, keeping up to date with new sales techniques, new technologies and new procedures is mandatory.

Seeking sales training,courses, workshops, webinars and books are a few options for updating yourself and obtaining new learnings.

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