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Benefits of gamification to engage your team

Benefits of gamification to engage your team

Benefícios da gamificação

In recent years, gamification has ceased to be a novelty to become a reality, not only in the educational field, but mainly in the professional field. As a result, companies began to explore the benefits of corporate gamification to transform employees into active and productive team members. 

According to a survey conducted by performed by ReportLinker, the size of the gamification market in 2018 had a global value of US $ 6.8 billion and is expected to register an impressive 32% growth, reaching US $ 40 billion by 2024.

Why gamification to engage your team?

Gamification works because it reaches the essence of human behavior, combining motivation and individual rewards with techniques that promote employee engagement: Competitiveness and development of skills. See a recent example that illustrates just how much the benefits of gamification can help: The benefits of gamification podem ajudar: a Hyundai made a game made a game to train salespeople and the engagement results are impressing.

The The benefits of gamification are numerous, so we chose 9 to describe in more detail:

1. Proven engagement 

We start with a frequent pain of companies that train their employees: engagement.

A boa notícia é que, com a gamificação corporativa, , there is an incentive for competitive and also collaborative practices, such as scores, trophies and leaderboards that greatly improve engagement. Individual or collective incentives can also be used.

2. Benefits of gamification for time management

With so many deadlines, people seek to do their best with time management. When applying gamification in their daily lives,they can achieve good results in time management and execution of a specific task.

3. Motivation

Do you find it difficult to motivate your sales team? Do not worry. This is more common than you might think. However, with gamification techniques, it is possible to keep employees focused on achieving goals in exchange for rewards and recognition. By seeing their progress, players feel motivated and seeks more challenges. você imagina. Porém, com as técnicas de gamificação, é possível manter os funcionários focados para atingir metas em troca de recompensas e reconhecimento. O próprio jogador, ao enxergar seu progresso, se sente motivado e busca sempre mais.

4. Healthy competition through gamification

Promoting a sense of healthy competition has been an essential focus for all companies, but when the principles of corporate gamification are integrated into the work, things get a lot easier. Thus, the company can promote competition among employees so that they can reach a goal and, in addition, learn more. corporate gamification são integrados ao trabalho, isso é mais fácil de acontecer. Sendo assim, a empresa pode promover disputas entre os colaboradores para que estes alcancem um objetivo e, de quebra, aprendam ainda mais.

5. Make mistakes and learn with them

The corporate gamification Corporate gamification provides a safe learning environment that allows players to learn from their mistakes. Therefore, it is can convert the fear of failure into a fun and engaging learning experience.  

6. Teamwork

The game is a great way to induce teamwork, with challenges that involve the need for results, so that all employees can play and help each other in order to achieve a goal - whether it's a new challenge, reaching the maximum score against other teams or even finalize a demand.

7. Increased productivity through gamification

Players receive specific activities geared to certain goals. With this, there will be an increase in productivity, because it allows the employee to apply what he learned in his daily life.  

8. Personal development

Um dos maiores The benefits of gamification One of the greatest benefits of gamification is being able to offer employees the opportunities to: learn, grow and explore. This way, they realize that their hidden abilities and talents come up with effective ways to solve challenges and problems when they are playing. Corporate gamification promotes personal responsibility and a desire for growth, bringing positive results to the companies that use it.

The corporate gamification it promotes personal responsibility and desire for growth, bringing positive results to the companies that use it.

9. Feedback

Feedback can be considered the most important benefit of gamification, it allows players to know where he got it right, where they got it wrong and what points must be improved to achieve the goal. In addition, it increases levels of engagement.

The benefits of gamification in the corporate world

Neste conteúdo, foram apresentados alguns The benefits of gamification In this content, some benefits of gamification were presented so that you can understand how valuable it is in the corporate world. The aim is to involve employees in a complete learning and training experience.

The corporate gamification Corporate gamification significantly impacts companies, promoting innovation, generating engagement, helping to personalize the message you want to convey and favoring brand recognition. 

What are you waiting for? Start implementing gamified training in your business right now. gamified training, no seu negócio? 

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